The Tony Perkins Show
Welcome to the 2015 Christmas episode of "The Tony Perkins Show Featuring Gary Stein"!  Our SPECIAL GUEST for this episode is the one, the only....SANTA CLAUS!!! Yes, Santa takes time out of his busy schedule to talk about the true meaning of Christmas. Now, we have to warn you: Tony and Gary seem to have gotten Santa at a fairly bad time, after Santa seemingly had a rough night.  So he's not exactly in a JOLLY mood. But we're airing the interview anyway. JUST MAKE SURE NO CHILDREN HEAR IT!!!
Also:  Tony, Gary and Rob exchange gifts; Gary talks about the time he met "Godfather of Soul" James Brown; and the guys play a game of "Jeopardy", but "Alex Trebek" is in just about the worst mood ever!  
What's WRONG with these people?! Merry Christmas!
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