The Tony Perkins Show

For the first time in the show’s history, Tony does the show from D.C., while Gary does the show from New Jersey.  Why?  All we’ll tell you here is it has to do with Gary’s BACK, and it’s a big deal! 

Also, Tony explains how he has the nerve to get BACK on the Washington Redskins’ bandwagon, after so publicly leaving the fold in 2014; not everybody is happy he’s back!

And, since Gary isn’t in the studio this week, our good friend Robb Spewak (The Mike O’Meara Show, Cake and Cookies) is BACK with the boys!

PLUS: Serious Beatles collector Russ Lease ( returns to the show, with the inside scoop on the recent Beatles and Ringo Starr auctions (including the AMAZING item he sold!); and Robb S. and Rob Ford compete in everybody’s favorite game show, “Know Your Robs!”  You’ll be glad YOU came BACK!

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