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Tony and Gary close out 2014 and welcome in 2015 by celebrating their MORE Broadcasting family and their personal families! Our longest show ever includes appearances by Oscar Santana, Robb Spewak, and MIKE O'MEARA!!! It's a mini Mike O'Meara Show! Then, Tony's son Connor stops by, we hear Gary's son Ben playing some AMAZING guitar, and both Gary AND Tony's mothers join in on the fun! It is a real gut-busting family extravaganza! Happy New Year!

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Tony and Gary and Rob Ford celebrate the holidays with special guest SUE PALKA, FOX 5's legendary Chief Meteorologist! Sue talks about her 31 years in the business and shares some very funny stories! Plus: Irritating Christmas cards; Rob Ford updates us on his possible "Date Lab" date; bizarre Christmas songs; Gary has an UPBEAT encounter with a star (!); and we announce a Christmas Day episode of our TV show, "Off the Cuff"!

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Tony and Gary have a great, wide ranging conversation with the great comedian, Louis Anderson, and revisit his life-changing appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson"; Gary talks about his issues with email; a new episode of "What Were They Thinking" features Ethel Merman; Tony offers his "Holiday Gift Guide"; and the guys announce ANOTHER TV episode of "Off the Cuff"!

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As it turns out, thanks to our crack research team (YOU, the listeners, and our producer/engineer Rob Ford), we are able to provide much needed follow-up information to virtually everything we covered in Episode 20!  Washington Post Magazine "Date Lab" matchmaker Christina Antoniades tells us just how those "Date Lab" couples are picked, and what the success rate is; we learn the scientific reasons for the male anatomy in "The TRUE Saga of the Scrotum"; listeners tell us what accessories they'd like in their coffins; "Darlene Edwards" blows us away AGAIN; and Tony and Gary share some VERY cool TV news!
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In our landmark 20th episode, Tony laments the aging process; Gary questions whether or not the "Creation of Man" went well; Tony has as issue with The Washington Post Magazine's "Date Lab" feature; a special, DOUBLE edition of "What Were They Thinking", featuring Jo Stafford and Paul Weston (a/k/a Jonathan and Darlene Edwards) AND Gilbert O'Sullivan; plus, a tribute to the late, great, Mike Nichols.

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In this AMAZING episode, Tony and Gary talk to David Cassidy.....yes, THE David Cassidy who was also Keith Partridge of The Partridge Family!  David was once the BIGGEST TEEN IDOL IN THE WORLD, and still performs today to sell-out crowds of devoted fans. In this surprisingly candid and emotional conversation, David opens up about fame and family (including his complicated relationship with his father, actor Jack Cassidy), and his struggle with alcoholism.  ALSO: Tony talks about (and defends) his controversial Tweets from last week, in which he finally "gave up" on his beloved Washington Redskins. (His comments were covered by The Washington Post and ESPN Radio!)  It's a show unlike any other episode!

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Gary and Tony discuss "Farmville", "Candy Crush" and other online time-wasters; they mark the death of Saturday morning cartoons; Tony challenges Gary to Trivial Pursuit; "Surreal Moments with the Stars" featuring Jackie Mason; and another edition of "What Were They Thinking", starring...Bob Dylan!

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Tony and Rob Ford receive gifts from Jackie Martling; Gary makes a bad movie-viewing choice for his train ride; we SALUTE our listeners' creativity; Gary gives us a revealing "heart to heart" talk (really!); AND..."Imus in the Morning" comedian ROB BARTLETT (pictured)! Plus music from Olivia Newton-John and The Spongetones! Another jam-packed show!

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Tony's questionable relationship with his dentist; Gary's mens' room incident; why are womens' restrooms more messy than mens' restrooms?; "A Day in the Life of Green Acres", by Barnes and Barnes and Damaskas; "What Were They Thinking?", featuring R&B great Jackie Wilson; Gary's "Embarrassing Celebrity Story". A chock-full episode!

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Gary and Tony spend a CRAZY hour with Jackie Martling, and talk about his amazing, nearly 40-year career in comedy, including the Howard Stern years.  Of course, it's Jackie, so it's jokes galore, AND this episode features the most "bleeped out" words of any show to date! PLUS, a bonus:  the return of Oscar Santana to the show!  Enjoy!

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A discussion of the classic bad movie "The Thing with Two Heads" (which we mistakenly call "The MAN with Two Heads"); a discussion of Rosey Grier's career goes seriously off the rails; Tony's TV promo shoot; is reality TV the Death of Civilization?; reality TV shows WE'D like to see; Gary's "Embarrassing Celebrity Moment" with Jane Fonda.
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Our most jam-packed show EVER features comedian Chris Paul, who is brilliantly funny, and who tells us the funniest Elton John joke ever! Also, Gary's friend Sam Ingraffia tells us of his bizarre encounter with Orson Welles; we celebrate Rob Ford Jr.'s birthday; we salute the late "Creeky" Creekmore, America's oldest clown; we dissect "The Leftovers" and TV today; AND...we call a listener!

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Tony and Gary switch voices; thoughts on Derek Jeter, Barbra Streisand, and Elvis; Tony's new favorite song; Gary and Tony tell what it was like covering hurricanes for "Good Morning America"; and a NEW game!

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On this show, we get to know Rob Ford Jr. a little better; also, an important update on Gary's deodorant situation; plus, our Emmy Award winning special guest, Tom Bergeron, host of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" and "America's Funniest Home Videos"!  Tom gives the hysterical inside scoop on those shows plus his time at "Hollywood Squares", "Good Morning America", FX's "Breakfast Time", and more! AND... Tony, Gary, and Robb in a battle of Beatles trivia!

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An episode full of love, yet everybody is hurt in one way or another! Gary feels dissed by Mike O'Meara; Oscar Santana makes a cameo but feels rejected by Tony and Gary; Oscar and Robb Spewak spar. Featuring comedy producer and writer Jeff Penn, who joins in on the insults! Oh...and we have a fan club! 

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"Tony and Gary talk with a real Renaissance man: Academy Award nominated actor Danny Aiello! Danny has a new memoir that will be out in October, called I Only Know Who I Am When I Am Somebody Else. Danny talks candidly about his career as a film, stage, and TV actor, his love of singing, his roles in movies like "Do the Right Thing" and "Moonstruck", and his 40-year-plus friendship with Gary. It's an AMAZING show!"

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"Tribute" to Joan Rivers; Gary's "Cool Rush"; Trivia Games Galore; and in-studio guest Annie Yu, of Fox 5 News!

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Legendary Broadcaster Charlie Gibson grants a rare, long-form interview on this episode of The Tony Perkins Show featuring Gary Stein.  Gibson worked with Perkins and Stein from 1999-2005 on ABC’s Good Morning America alongside Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts.  Perkins and Gibson reminisce about compelling moments they shared at GMA (both good and bad) in a witty, yet honest tone that suggests (in the words of Charlie Gibson) “adversity builds collegiality”. Plus, YouTube music sensation Mike Massé!

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It's Tony's Birthday! Plus; Gary's Phone Call From Hell, Gary Takes the ALS Challenge and Former "GMA" Weatherman SPENCER CHRISTIAN!

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What's with "Cosmo" magazine?; "Sopranos" and "Nicky Deuce" star Steve Schirripa; pasta sauce taste test; the "Tonight Show" - Johnny versus Jimmy.

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With former Washington Redskin Jeff Bostic; Tony goes to the stadium; Gary's "Word Game"; Rob Ford KILLS it!

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Oscar Santana hates us; a visit to the urologist; big-time celebrity guest Dirk Benedict, of "Battlestar Galactica" and "The A-Team"!
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Tony and Gary look back; Gary goes on vacation; radio days; guest Dave Ross, of "120Sports".

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Introducing Tony and Gary; a view on 'The View'; a Beatles mystery; and guest Joe Johnson, of national radio show "Beatle Brunch".
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