The Tony Perkins Show

Gary and Tony spend a CRAZY hour with Jackie Martling, and talk about his amazing, nearly 40-year career in comedy, including the Howard Stern years.  Of course, it's Jackie, so it's jokes galore, AND this episode features the most "bleeped out" words of any show to date! PLUS, a bonus:  the return of Oscar Santana to the show!  Enjoy!

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A discussion of the classic bad movie "The Thing with Two Heads" (which we mistakenly call "The MAN with Two Heads"); a discussion of Rosey Grier's career goes seriously off the rails; Tony's TV promo shoot; is reality TV the Death of Civilization?; reality TV shows WE'D like to see; Gary's "Embarrassing Celebrity Moment" with Jane Fonda.
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Our most jam-packed show EVER features comedian Chris Paul, who is brilliantly funny, and who tells us the funniest Elton John joke ever! Also, Gary's friend Sam Ingraffia tells us of his bizarre encounter with Orson Welles; we celebrate Rob Ford Jr.'s birthday; we salute the late "Creeky" Creekmore, America's oldest clown; we dissect "The Leftovers" and TV today; AND...we call a listener!

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Tony and Gary switch voices; thoughts on Derek Jeter, Barbra Streisand, and Elvis; Tony's new favorite song; Gary and Tony tell what it was like covering hurricanes for "Good Morning America"; and a NEW game!

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