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In this AMAZING episode, Tony and Gary talk to David Cassidy.....yes, THE David Cassidy who was also Keith Partridge of The Partridge Family!  David was once the BIGGEST TEEN IDOL IN THE WORLD, and still performs today to sell-out crowds of devoted fans. In this surprisingly candid and emotional conversation, David opens up about fame and family (including his complicated relationship with his father, actor Jack Cassidy), and his struggle with alcoholism.  ALSO: Tony talks about (and defends) his controversial Tweets from last week, in which he finally "gave up" on his beloved Washington Redskins. (His comments were covered by The Washington Post and ESPN Radio!)  It's a show unlike any other episode!

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Gary and Tony discuss "Farmville", "Candy Crush" and other online time-wasters; they mark the death of Saturday morning cartoons; Tony challenges Gary to Trivial Pursuit; "Surreal Moments with the Stars" featuring Jackie Mason; and another edition of "What Were They Thinking", starring...Bob Dylan!

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Tony and Rob Ford receive gifts from Jackie Martling; Gary makes a bad movie-viewing choice for his train ride; we SALUTE our listeners' creativity; Gary gives us a revealing "heart to heart" talk (really!); AND..."Imus in the Morning" comedian ROB BARTLETT (pictured)! Plus music from Olivia Newton-John and The Spongetones! Another jam-packed show!

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Tony's questionable relationship with his dentist; Gary's mens' room incident; why are womens' restrooms more messy than mens' restrooms?; "A Day in the Life of Green Acres", by Barnes and Barnes and Damaskas; "What Were They Thinking?", featuring R&B great Jackie Wilson; Gary's "Embarrassing Celebrity Story". A chock-full episode!

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