The Tony Perkins Show
Tony and Gary talk comedy with stand-up great Paul Provenza, host of TV's "The Green Room" and "The Set List", and the director of the great comedy film "The Aristocrats".  Paul gives us great, hilarious inside takes on all of those projects, and the guys get downright serious about the business of making people laugh.  Plus, live stand-up from one of the guys' favorite comedians, the late, great, Mitch Hedberg.  AND.....WHEN does water expire???
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They know they're a week late, but Tony and Gary describe their unusual 4th of July weekends; we feature the latest supermarket tabloids, which ALL seem to be predicting the soon-to-occur-deaths of several notable celebrities; Gary tells us about some "Loony Laws" that are (or recently were) still on the books; and Tony brings us NEW music by both Leon Bridges and Dawes!  It's fun galore! 

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The laughs are nearly non-stop in one of our funniest episodes ever! Among the MANY topics covered: Rob Ford describes his VERY bad day; Which of your five senses would you be willing to give up?; Haley Joel Osment; "Forrest Gump"; the NIGHTMARE of the P.E. Locker Room Showers; "Searching for Sugarman"; and Gary's date with Shirley MacLaine's daughter! RoFo fans, you're going to LOVE this one!
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Our TPGS celebration of Independence Day features inspiring, patriotic words from, arguably, two of our WORST movie presidents ever!  Plus, author and activist Mark Dice hits the streets of California to find out just what people know about why we celebrate Independence Day...and it isn't pretty!  So this inspires Tony and Gary to conduct their first-ever "man on the street" interviews!
Also: Mega-Beatles collector Russ Lease tells us about the recently discovered John Lennon guitar that's been missing for 50 years. YOU could possibly buy it! (IF you're EXTREMELY rich!)
[See more Mark Dice bits at]
[For more on Russ Lease, check out &]
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