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Tony and Gary welcome to the studio one of the top comedians working today, Godfrey!  You may know him from his hosting duties on Fox-TV's reality-game show "Bullseye", or from the IFC series "Benders", or from his hit 2011 Comedy Central special, "Godfrey: Black by Accident".  Godfrey is HYSTERICAL, and is one of the most intelligent and highly-regarded acts in comedy.  What the guys didn't know before meeting him was how perfectly he would fit our show.  It's just crazy!
Plus:  Gary gets aggravated; shopping at Sears; and Rob Ford is a bad, bad boy!  This show guessed it.....chock full!
Follow Godfrey on Twitter, @GodfreyComedian, and check out his website,!
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Tony quizzes Gary with a NEW game:  “Real, or Fake?”, where Gary has to figure out whether or not the described movies are…real, or fake?  Also, the guys announce a new initiative that they hope will help make the world a better place, with as little work from them as possible!


PLUS:  Gary and Tony take on a challenge issued by Mike O’Meara, AND Gary presents some new music!  It’s another chock-full episode!

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There are THOUSANDS of excellent sports-themed podcasts available for your listening pleasure, and the “TPSFGS” is certainly NOT one of them!  That’s why Tony and Gary have brought in two of the top NFL experts in the land to preview the 2015 football season! It’s in-depth analysis that you won’t hear anywhere else! (Especially since Gary knows virtually nothing about football; his questions are…well…let’s just say they’re quirky!)

PLUS: Gary buys a heating pad; the guys call Gary’s mom again so that Tony can critique her screenplay (awkward!); and, another episode of The Extraordinary Origin of Everyday Things! This show is jam-packed!

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This is a special, Beatles-themed edition of the show, for your Labor Day holiday listening pleasure.  In this episode, Tony hosts a new game, called "Beat the Beatles!"  Essentially, the guys vote on which versions of different songs are better: The Beatles' version, or someone else's version?  And joining the guys to play is the one and only May Pang, previous "TTPSFGS" guest, and former companion to John Lennon!  She brings AMAZING insight into the music!
Also:  a special command performance of Tong and Gary's interview earlier this year with RINGO STARR, and a cool Beatles cover by the group Cowboy Mouth.  A splendid time is guaranteed for all!
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