The Tony Perkins Show
We can honestly say THIS may be the most uproarious episode of our show yet!!!  For one thing, there is DRINKING involved!  Tony's good friend and former college roommate, Rob Garretson, is the author of the wine blog He plays a wine-tasting game with the guys--who ARE NOT DRINKERS--to see how developed their palettes are.  Needless to say, the more they drink, the wilder (and sillier) this show gets!
But that's not all!  Rob Ford's mother, Anita, joins us LIVE IN STUDIO for this show! Tony and Gary try to get to the root of why Rob is...well...Rob.  And that gets pretty funny, too.  (Plus, Anita joins in on the wine game!)
Also: a gift from Gary to Tony, and another Rob Ford music pick.  This episode is SPECTACULAR!  (Oh...and be sure to listen to the end for maximum "Robness".)
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