The Tony Perkins Show

Our final, jam-packed show of 2016 starts with a BIZARRE coincidence. Just keep in mind that this show was recorded VERY SHORTLY BEFORE Zsa Zsa Gabor died!!!

PLUS: Washington Post Chief Film Critic ANN HORNADAY joins us to talk about the MUST SEE movies of 2016; comedy booker and TPGS friend JEFF PENN shares some of his cool "Celebrity Encounters": Tony challenges Gary and Jeff in a game called "Christmas Movies--Real or Fake?"; and Rob gets a new pet! It's a fun, fascinating, and fitting end to 2016. Happy New Year!

NOTE: Read Ann Hornaday at, and follow her on Twitter at @AnnHornaday.

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The guys celebrate the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays in this brand new, hysterical episode. First of all, we are joined by comedian Tony Woods, an old friend of Tony's who has appeared on Comedy Central, NBC's "Last Comic Standing", and "Showtime at the Apollo". Woods has an easy-going style, and he is one of the funniest comics working today.

Also, Tony P., Gary and Rob exchange holiday gifts, Gary (and then Tony) reveal some big secrets, and Gary presents a surprising and timely musical find.  It's a very special holiday show!

NOTE:  See Tony Woods LIVE, THIS Thursday and Friday at the DC Improv.  For tickets go to

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LISTEN for a special announcement from Tony and Gary!

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On this INSANE, nearly out-of-control episode, the guys welcome radio, TV, and podcast personality Sarah Fraser! Sarah is the host of TWO hit podcasts, Hey Frase!, and the Washington, D.C. based Fox 5 show I've Still Got a Keycard. She is also a regular contributor to Fox 5's Good Day DC, and long-time listeners will remember her as Tony and Gary's co-host on the Off the Cuff TV shows. The three of them together, without the constraints of commercial TV, are a BLAST.  (Although....umm....Gary seems a little perturbed about her success. Ahem.)
PLUS, a true rarity and an amazing find: we play clips from Tony's days as a stand up comedian! We've got a 1988 performance from Tony that you've GOT to hear! Need we say it? This episode is CHOCK-FULL!
NOTE: Sarah's podcasts can be found on iTunes, Podcast One, and with many other podcast providers.
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Tony and Gary return from a two week break and the pent up energy and jokes start flying fast!  On this episode:  the guys consult with genuine medium and psychic Gina Tomasino.  It is an amazing, enlightening, and funny conversation that gets a tad spooky.  PLUS: Rob takes his girlfriend to meet his parents; an update on the TPGS sex doll; and kudos for "Saturday Night Live".  This one was worth the wait!
Note: You can find Gina at, or on Facebook at "Gina Tomasino".
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We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and want to bring you a very special Thanksgiving encore presentation that originally aired in September 2015! In one of our most rollicking episodes to date, Tony and Gary welcome to the studio one of the top comedians working today, Godfrey! You may know him from his hosting duties on Fox-TV’s reality-game show “Bullseye”, or from the IFC series “Benders”, or from his hit 2011 Comedy Central special, “Godfrey: Black by Accident”. Godfrey is HYSTERICAL, and is one of the most intelligent and highly-regarded acts in comedy. What the guys didn’t know before meeting him was how perfectly he would fit our show. It’s just crazy!

Plus: Gary gets aggravated; shopping at Sears; and Rob Ford is a bad, bad boy! This show is…you guessed it…chock full!

Follow Godfrey on Twitter, @GodfreyComedian, and check out his website,!

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When this show ran in December of 2015, it was one of the most uproarious episodes to date! For one thing, there is DRINKING involved! Tony’s good friend and former college roommate, Rob Garretson, is the author of the wine blog He plays a wine-tasting game with the guys–who ARE NOT DRINKERS–to see how developed their palettes are. Needless to say, the more they drink, the wilder (and sillier) this show gets!

But that’s not all! Rob Ford’s mother, Anita, joins us LIVE IN STUDIO for this show! Tony and Gary try to get to the root of why Rob is…well…Rob. And that gets pretty funny, too. (Plus, Anita joins in on the wine game!)

Also: a gift from Gary to Tony, and another Rob Ford music pick. This episode is SPECTACULAR! (Oh…and be sure to listen to the end for maximum “Robness”.)

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This week, Tony and Gary react to the election of Donald Trump as our next President of the United States, and Tony talks about what it was like covering election night on live TV.  Plus, the guys have questions about a new “brain enhancer”; Gary visits a retirement home; and a tribute to Leonard Cohen.

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In one of the most ADD episodes of TTPSFGS ever (and THAT’S saying something!), the guys roll non-stop from one crazy topic to another, barely pausing to gasp for air.  Among the subjects covered: Gary is nearly poisoned, and the guys actually get the person who nearly poisoned him on the phone! Also, Tony’s mouth troubles; Gary’s collection of weird, but very funny, actual names of people; Tony presents music composed by….well….you’ll have to listen; and surprising music from The Manhattans.

Plus, Rob Ford poops all over one of Tony’s segments. Will Rob survive to produce again? Listen and find out!

By the way, the alternate title for this episode is “America: The Bi-Curious Sophomore”.  Enjoy!

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Joining the guys live, in-studio this week is BRUCE VILANCH, one of the most revered comedy writers in Hollywood! Most know Bruce from his years as one of the “squares” on the Tom Bergeron-hosted “Hollywood Squares”, but what some of you may not know is he has been the head writer for the Academy Awards since 2000, and was one of the main writers for years before that. The great bits and hilarious adlibs that the hosts have performed at the Oscars, the Emmys, and the Tony Awards? Chances are, Bruce wrote the jokes. Bruce was also a hit on Broadway, starring as Edna Turnblad in the long-running musical Hairspray. His stories could fill a book, and soon will! He is funny and revealing here; wait until you hear the role he played in the penultimate episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”!

PLUS: A tribute to the late, great Kevin Meaney.

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Tony and Gary pull back the curtain on what it takes to put on a live show like the ones they've done at The DC Improv; it's funny, but it ain't pretty!

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Here it is, Tony and Gary's SECOND sold-out live taping at the DC Improv Comedy Club!  The guys are joined by special guest and show favorite Angela Stribling, of Sirius/XM and WHUR-FM's "Pillow Talk with Angela Stribling", and she tries to answer listener questions about relationships, sex, and romance.  Needless to say, Tony and Gary tend to get in the way!  Also: Rob Ford's birthday celebration; "Things Jews Can't Use"; and a surprising impression from Tony.  What a fun night; we thank all of you who came out to the show!
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This week, we present an encore presentation of our first appearance at the DC Improv, from April of this year.  For those of you who can't make it to tonight's sold out show, it'll give you a taste of what our live show is like; for those of you coming to the show, it'll get you in the mood for tonight!
But FIRST, in an all new segment, Gary tells the guys about a recent trip to Times Square.  The story will leave you wondering, "WHY does Gary's mind work the way it does....or doesn't?!"  Enjoy!
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In this show, the guys review, debate, and argue about Rolling Stone magazine's "Top 100 TV Shows of All-Time" list. You won't believe which shows made it, and which ones didn't!
Plus, Gary has an update to his invitation to Tony to go camping; we announce a special guest for our upcoming, sold out LIVE show at the DC Improv; Gary goes to the gym, with predictable results; and a segment we're now calling "REAL Comics", this time featuring a great bit from the always funny comedian Gary Gulman.  It's ANOTHER jam-packed show! 
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In this jam-packed episode, Gary extends a special invitation to Tony. You'll simply have to listen to find out what it is and how that goes!
Plus, Gary gets an email from his Mom; Tony presents some new AND old music; and, a whole lot of Pet Peeves!
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An impromptu, crazy, and revealing conversation about God nearly derails this episode almost before it has started!  It's funny and serious, and Tony may need to ask for forgiveness!
Also, the guys introduce the proprietors of Washington D.C.'s most unique music venue, Songbyrd. It's a cafe, restaurant, and bar, where you can celebrate the surprising return of vinyl music at amazing listening parties, AND hear the latest up-and-coming artists LIVE.  It's VERY cool. And we listen to some records!
Plus: Gary goes to the movies, and an odd "Celebrity Encounter".  Can we get an "Amen"?!
NOTE:  For a schedule of upcoming Songbyrd events, check out, visit them on Facebook at "Songbyrd Music House", and follow them on Twitter, @songbyrddc.
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On this, the fifteenth anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks, Tony and Gary recall what happened that day behind the scenes at "Good Morning America", where they were working at the time. It is a fascinating look back at a day we will all Never Forget.
Then, it's part two of our preview of the new Beatles projects. The guys talk to veteran, award winning journalist Larry Kane, author of "Ticket to Ride", about traveling with The Beatles for the entirety of their 1964 and 1965 U.S. tours. No other American journalist had the relationship that Larry had with "the boys". Larry is featured in the new Ron Howard documentary "Eight Days a Week--The Touring Years", in theaters Sept. 15th, and on Hulu Sept. 17th.
PLUS: A Beatles music mystery; Tony gets a new credit card; and the guys go on TV!  It's an episode you won't forget.
Note:  Larry Kane's "Ticket to Ride" is now available as an e-book, and can be ordered through the Amazon portal at
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Tony and Gary PREVIEW tracks from the upcoming, much-hyped CD and LP "The Beatles LIVE at the Hollywood Bowl"! And JOE JOHNSON, host of the nationally syndicated "Beatle Brunch" radio show, tells us what all the fuss is about.
PLUS: The guys review the Olympics, as only they can; the truth about steel-cut oatmeal; a listener-assisted "What Were They Thinking"; a "Celebrity Encounter" with Donald Trump (!); and a tribute to Gene Wilder.
"Beatle Brunch" can be heard on over 60 radio stations nationwide. Go to for complete information.
"The Beatles LIVE at the Hollywood Bowl" can be pre-ordered on the Amazon portal at
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This episode is really TWO shows in one! First up, from ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption", TONY KORNHEISER!  In a rare, lengthy chat, Kornheiser talks about why he recently decided to leave his long-time ESPN Radio show, and why he's entering the world of podcasting.  He also talks about "Pardon the Interruption" and his relationship with co-host Michael Wilbon.  It's a great conversation with a media and sports personality who is never short on opinions, and who is both revered and loathed by listeners and viewers.
Then, Gary introduces a new game, "Brand or Not?", and pits Tony (Perkins) against the one and only JACKIE MARTLING! Needless to say, hilarity ensues, and the three can barely play the game, what with all of the joke telling.  Tony and Gary are rolling on the floor, and you will be too!
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In this truly insane episode, the guys learn an AMAZING bit of trivia about Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show" that, surprisingly, they never knew before!  It is really "wild, wild stuff", as Johnny used to say. Also, Gary is an innocent bystander to a traumatic incident. Well....maybe "innocent" isn't the right word. Plus, Tony reviews Paul McCartney's recent concert in D.C.; guest Haley Parker, a real-life "Doctor of Oriental Medicine", performs acupuncture on Gary; and, the guys take an Olympics quiz. It's a gold medal show!

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Gary goes for his annual Boy Scouts camping trip; of course, hilarity ensues, and the campfire song that he shares with Tony and Rob will leave you speechless, and choking with laughter.
Plus:  Jasmine Brand, from, comes on the show to school the guys on what's hot in pop culture--and during the segment, we are surprised to learn just how much Tony knows about the Kardashians.
Also: Yoga pants, big butts, and yet another shockingly bad rock song.  This episode is rated R!
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It's The Tony Perkins Show's SECOND anniversary, and boy is this episode a rollicking celebration! Our special guest is the funny and talented Lauryn Ricketts, weather forecaster for Washington D.C.'s NBC 4 TV station.  Lauryn has one of the most engaging personalities in television, and she immediately fits right in with the insanity that is this show.  (Lauryn can also be heard giving the "Fantasy Football Forecast" on Sirius/XM during the NFL season, and weekdays on 103.5 WTOP-FM in Washington D.C. and online.)
In this episode, the guys get a congratulatory call from the "National Podcast Association". Plus, the new game "Which Came First", AND, Gary considers getting rid of his old wall phone! The forecast for this episode is FUNNY!
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This CRAZY episode was recorded at 8am in the morning...JUST before it came out! And because of that, we do it in the style of a wacky morning radio show! It's your hosts, Gary and Tony, with special guest newsman OSCAR SANTANA, and helicopter traffic reporter Rob Ford!

On today's show: the "Celebrity True or False Game"; Tony's summer vacation; a never-before-heard piece of music from The Beatles; and great tunes from The Beatnix!

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Tony, Gary and Rob are joined by The Mike O'Meara Show's ROBB SPEWAK, and his son Robert! 13-year-old Robert has come along to try to explain the "Pokemon Go" phenomenon to the old guys, with decidedly mixed results.  Also, Gary pits Robb against Tony in a Pop Culture Challenge, and let's just say the game seems a bit unfair.
Plus: Tony backtracks; and cool music from "City and Colour".
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It's EPISODE 100....and you can tell right from the start of this show that the guys are quite giddy about hitting that milestone!  Among the MANY topics covered:  Gary reads congratulatory emails from celebrities; the guys get an update on Rob's gym status; Gary takes care of some personal phone calls; and Tony gets his revenge by quizzing Gary in another edition of the "Unintelligible Lyrics" game! Thanks for listening, folks, and here's to the next hundred shows!
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The guys deliver some MUCH NEEDED comic relief after what has been a TOUGH week for the country. First, Tony tells of a bizarre encounter he had one night after work.  (The story involves naked women!) Then, Gary and Tony open gifts from listener Bob Fay, MUCH to the chagrin of Rob Ford. Plus: the guys call a local tour company to get answers to some rather odd questions about sightseeing in Washington, D.C.; Gary reveals a big secret; and finally, the whole gang watches a WILDLY disturbing video, and their reactions are just priceless. This episode is INSANE! (AND it's Rated "R"!)
Note: The video the guys watch is TOO GRAPHIC to post here. If you think YOU want to watch it (maybe you should listen to THEM watching it first!), here is the link:
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This special, all-new Fourth of July episode features Gary hosting a brand-new music game, “They’re Saying WHAT?!”, where Tony has to figure out just what lyrics are being sung in some very famous songs.  It’s great—and YOU can play along!

Also, the most bizarre soccer penalty ever; comedy from Kurt Metzger; and Rob Ford’s CRAZY gym experience!  This show’s alternate title is:  “Smoothies for All!”  Enjoy, and have a happy and safe Fourth of July!

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, we must present an encore of episode 28 from January 2015, "Trixie!" This is one of our very favorite shows. In this one, Tony and Gary call a strip club; Gary is serenaded by a drag queen; Tony presents music from Aretha Franklin; and Gary presents "The 5 Words". It is a VERY funny show!
Next week, for your July 4th listening pleasure:  A BRAND NEW SHOW!
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In the wake of so much bad news recently, the guys present some Funny News Headlines to cheer you up! Also, a NEW game, called "Dead or Alive?". Plus: Gary describes the drawbacks of living in an apartment building full of Holocaust survivors (this is a TRUE story!), and Tony RAVES about an HBO movie and recommends one new music release to pick up, and one to avoid. And, oh, yes....the guys belatedly acknowledge Gary's birthday. And he is NOT amused!
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Tony and Gary pay tribute to one of their all-time heroes, the “Greatest of All Time”, Muhammad Ali. They also talk to Star-Ledger and writer Steve Politi regarding his just-published article about the time Ali attempted to get The Beatles to reunite! It’s fascinating!

Sad as the passing of Ali is, this episode still contains lots of laughs, as Tony describes his “boys weekend” with his son, and Gary talks about a truly bizarre parade that he recently witnessed. Plus: Who would do better in jail, Tony, or Gary? And: an appropriate, funny, and poignant “Celebrity Encounter”.

This episode floats like a butterfly, but stings like a bee!

NOTE: You can follow writer Steve Politi on Twitter at @StevePoliti.

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As the boys are on a well-deserved vacation, we present this episode that originally aired in February 2015.  It features the FIRST appearance of Angela Stribling on the show.  She, of course, is the host of WHUR-FM's Pillow Talk with Angela, the late-night show that features frank talk about love, sex, and relationships.  Angela answers Tony and Gary's questions about those topics and more.  Of course, things get heated and quite silly--especially when Rob Ford chimes in with HIS questions!
Plus: Can show tunes help you heal???
This episode is rated "R"!
(Pillow Talk with Angela can now be heard Monday through Friday nights at midnight on Washington D.C.'s 96.3 WHUR-FM, and regularly on Sirius/XM Channel 141, HUR Voices.)
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For your Memorial Day Weekend listening pleasure, Gary tells about a recent bizarre visit he had to a public men's room. How bizarre?  It has to do with this episode's title.  Also, Tony introduces brand new music from The Monkees! And yes....we said BRAND NEW. You're going to LOVE it!
Plus: Comedy from the hysterical comedian GODFREY, who sat in with the guys back in September of 2015. It's a "Funny Flashback"!
Sit back, laugh, and have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend!
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On what is possibly our most "ADD" episode ever, Tony and Gary learn that Rob Ford's girlfriend shaves his back, and they are quite taken aback by this!

Also: Tony and Gary relive some crazy times from their tenure at "Good Morning America", and new music from Cheap Trick and Prince. It's a good hyperbole!

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Just in time for the heating up of the spring political season, we are joined by uproarious comedian and political satirist WILL DURST, live in studio! Will is one of the brightest comedians on the planet, and his sharp observations about everyday life and, especially, the absurdities of our current political situation will make you laugh and....maybe....cry.  Will has appeared on Comedy Central, HBO, Showtime, "Late Night with David Letterman", and now, here. You can read his "Will Durst Journal" at
Also: Tony introduces some current products that make some rather odd claims; Gary tells a CRAZY story about Katharine Hepburn; and Will Durst joins the gang in a great new game called "Idiom".
Direct download: TONYPERKINSSHOW20160514.mp3
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In this amazing episode, Tony and Gary spend time with the one-and-only DICK CAVETT, perhaps the most erudite and clever TV talk show host ever. In a wide-ranging and very funny conversation, Cavett talks about interviewing the greats on his late-night ABC show, like Groucho Marx and Katharine Hepburn; he gives insight into show guests like David Bowie, John Lennon, and William F. Buckley, Jr.; and he talks at length about his good friend and late-night competitor, Johnny Carson. And, opinionated and sharp as ever, Cavett weighs in on Donald Trump and the current political scene!
Also: Tony and Gary grab a bagel, and Gary gets some new employment opportunities.
This episode is truly one of a kind.
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This episode presents the first-ever "Tony Perkins Show Featuring Gary Stein" recorded in front of a LIVE audience!  This is the exclusive recording of the SOLD OUT show, as it happened at the famous DC Improv on Saturday night, April 23rd.  Tony, Gary, Rob Ford, and even intern Adrian Garcia were ALL firing on all cylinders, and the audience was fantastic.  It is an uproarious episode, and we can't wait to do ANOTHER live show!

This episode features hysterical, special guest appearances from ROBB SPEWAK ("The Mike O'Meara Show"), and comedian ROB MAHER ("The Rob and Joe Show").  Enjoy!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who came out for the show, and a BIG thank you to the folks at The DC Improv!

Photos courtesy Jeff Hancock, Hancockphoto.

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Despite the title of this week's show (as usual, you'll have to listen to get it), much of the episode is spent paying tribute to and celebrating the music of Prince. Tony sheds light on what made him so special, and the guys weigh in on the old "Prince vs Michael Jackson" debate. PLUS, Gary and Tony talk to and get insight from Hollywood public relations giant Michael Levine, who represented both Prince and Michael Jackson, as well as David Bowie, Barbra Streisand, George Carlin, and MANY others.
ALSO: A tribute to the late, great Doris Roberts ("Everybody Loves Raymond"); jazz singer (and Gary's wife) Sarah Partridge stops by to tell us about her exciting new project; and Gary battles a hand dryer!
Despite the tributes, this episode offers LOTS OF LAUGHS!
Direct download: TONYPERKINSSHOW20160423.mp3
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In this episode, we announce the winner of the "Battle of the Bad Songs"! Thanks to those of you who participated in the voting!
Also: Tony has a big announcement; Gary shares some thoughts on the drinking of grenadine and other sweet delights; One Hit Wonders; Gary makes a mistake; Rob Ford KILLS it; and an AMAZING "Celebrity Encounter"!  Oh, yeah: and at some point during this episode, Tony quits!  This one is....need we say it?....CHOCK FULL!
Direct download: TONYPERKINSSHOW20160416.mp3
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Your votes are in, and we reveal the TOP TWO “Bad Songs”, which will now go head-to-head in a fight to the death to see WHICH song is the absolute “WORST Bad Song”!  Remember to follow us on Twitter at @TPerkShow to vote! The polls will be open until April 15th.

Also: Gary and Tony discuss their exercise regimens; more details (and a guest announcement) about our upcoming LIVE show at the D.C. Improv; and some sad losses in the TPSFGS and TMOS families. PLUS: The response to our interview with radio legend Cerphe got such a great response, we decided to present an encore of our hysterical, incredibly fun interview with radio and TV star DONNIE SIMPSON, from May 2015!

Important info: Order your tickets NOW for the live show at the D.C. Improv at And you can hear Donnie Simpson Monday through Friday afternoons on MAJIC 102.3 FM in the Washington, D.C. area.

Direct download: TONYPERKINSSHOW20160409.mp3
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This week we've got our OWN take on "March Madness", with the "Battle of the Bad Songs"!  The gang has selected and ranked the most cringe-worthy of the bad songs we've previously featured on the show, and now those songs battle it out, bracket-style, to see WHICH song is the "Worst of the Bad Songs"! Featuring Fillet of Soul, Pat Boone, Terry Jacks, The DeFranco Family, and more!
And here's the BEST part: YOU get to vote for YOUR favorite bad songs. Follow us on Twitter at @TPerkShow to vote EVERY DAY the week of April 3rd to help us crown a champion!
Also on this episode: Gary and Tony's irrational fears; Gary was a bad student; and comedy from Brian Regan. Enjoy the show!
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On this week's show, the guys welcome one of Washington D.C.'s....and the country' known disc jockeys and music hosts, Cerphe Colwell, otherwise known as just "Cerphe"!  Cerphe's 35-year career is the the stuff that legends are made of: he started with a long stint at the groundbreaking WHFS-FM, and later spent time at WAVA-FM, DC101, WJFK-FM, and Classic Rock 94.7.  He has met, interviewed, and spent time with EVERYONE, including George Harrison, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Robert Plant, Bonnie Raitt, B.B. King, Stevie Nicks, and many, many others.  On this show he tells some great stories, talks about his great current gig at, and announces his forthcoming, first-ever book!
Also:  Gary runs into an old flame; the whole gang (including Cerphe) play the game "Tangled Up in Bob"; and Tony has a HUGE surprising announcement about the upcoming LIVE show at the DC Improv! Rock on, Dudes!
Direct download: TONYPERKINSSHOW20160326.mp3
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In yet another eye-opening episode, Gary reveals yet another previously unknown side of himself, in a segment we're calling "Walker, Chatham Ranger". We almost called the segment "Raging Stein". That's all we're telling you about it here, except to say that Gary may need professional help!
Also: Just what IS "Breaking News"?; another GREAT, listener-assisted "What Were They Thinking?"; a brand-new game called "Know Your Lyrics!"; a celebrity encounter with "Modern Family" TV star Ed O'Neill; and more info on our upcoming LIVE show at The DC Improv! Get to listening right now!
Direct download: TONYPERKINSSHOW20160319.mp3
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As the political season rages on, Tony and Gary get amazing insight from one of the country’s leading (?) political consultants and pollsters, Phil Kluntz.  After hearing Phil, you’ll have a better understanding about just why this election cycle has been so bizarre!

Plus:  Gary and Tony’s “Dinner at Outback”; a new game show, “War, or Not?”; the results of our “Farting and Dating” polls; and the winner of our Oscar picks challenge!

Direct download: TONYPERKINSSHOW20160312.mp3
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Unfortunately, due to a death in Gary's family, we are unable to bring you a brand new show this week.  Instead, we present an encore presentation of our 27th episode, which featured a fun interview with stage and screen star Tony Danza!  Danza talks about his time on TV's "Taxi" and "Who's the Boss", and his starring role in the Broadway show "Honeymoon in Vegas".  Plus, Gary tells a great story about Johnny Cash, and Tony has a bone to pick with the ubiquitous actor/host/athlete Terry Crews.
We hope all of you--especially those of you who've only recently begun listening to the show--will enjoy this "flashback" to January of 2015.
A BRAND NEW episode be out next week....we promise!  As always, THANK YOU for listening!
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This week’s episode goes off the rails quite quickly, thanks to a revelation by Rob Ford that Tony and Gary can’t quite get over.  It is unexpected, insane, and very, very funny!

Also:  Gary has difficulty peeing (and NOT for the reasons you’re thinking!); the “Best of TV Today”; Tony’s GREAT radio idea; and Gary and Tony go to a listener’s house party!  This episode is a gas!!!

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Gary Stein is back live in-studio, and the result is a fast-paced, CRAZY episode of the show.  First, even though they haven't seen all the movies, the guys make their Oscar picks. (Actually, Gary HAS seen all the movies, but it DOESN'T seem to help him with his picks!)  Also, they review the new "swimsuit edition" of Sports Illustrated magazine--hubba hubba!
Plus:  Rob Ford "cheats death"; Gary's wife Sarah has a bizarre experience while teaching a voice lesson; Tony and Gary grade Rob's announcing abilities; and another listener-suggested "What Were They thinking" that you WILL NOT BELIEVE!!!
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Don't miss this special announcement from "The Tony Perkins Show Featuring Gary Stein"!

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Yay! It’s our 2016 Valentine’s Day Special! And joining us to answer all your questions about love, dating, sex, relationships, and more sex, is the beautiful ANGELA STRIBLING, host of WHUR-FM’s “Pillow Talk with Angela Stribling”! This is Angela’s THIRD time on the show, and it’s easily the wildest and best session the guys have had with her so far. Angela answers questions from our listeners, while also putting up with Tony, Gary, and Rob’s continuing immaturity. PLUS, Angela is a talented singer, and we preview her brand new single, “Pillow Talk”!

Also: Tony’s crazy Conspiracy Theories; a Word Game from a listener; Valentine’s Day Trivia, and introducing fascinating singer Paloma Faith. This episode is chock full of…..oh…..we said that already!

NOTE: You can hear Angela’s radio show on WHUR-FM in Washington D.C., and on Sirius/XM Channel 141. Her single “Pillow Talk” is available at Follow her on Twitter @angelastribling.

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This episode is all over the place, as Tony goes on several rants, much to the delight of Gary and Rob.  Plus, Gary presents “What’s in a Word?”; Tony highlights a “What Were They Thinking?” from one of our listeners; and Gary shows off his knowledge about the Super Bowl. 

Also, yet another tribute to a great star that we just lost: Maurice White, founder of Earth, Wind and Fire.

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In this ALL NEW episode, the guys pay tribute to the big-time stars we've lost already in 2016, including Natalie Cole, Glenn Frey (co-founder of The Eagles), David Bowie, and yes, Dan Haggerty, of "Grizzly Adams" fame.  
Also: A preview of Super Bowl 50 with sportscaster Scott Smith; a phoner with one of our listeners; and Tony and Gary help Rob with a tricky romantic situation! It's another CHOCK FULL show!
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The Blizzard of 2016 screwed up EVERYBODY’S schedules this past week, so brand-new Episode #79 is going to be delayed by a couple of days.  In the meantime, for this weekend only, we present this “Throwback Episode”! It’s an encore presentation of Episode #3 of our show, from August 2014. We have been THRILLED to add so many new listeners recently; we thought we’d give you the chance to hear an early show that you may have missed. We KNOW it will make you laugh out loud!

This show features an hysterical interview with heart-throb actor DIRK BENEDICT, of “Battlestar Galactica” and “The A-Team” fame! He and Gary are old friends, and Dirk’s description of their relationship is really funny. This was the FIRST celebrity interview Tony and Gary did on the podcast—but it sounds like it was done yesterday!

Also on this episode: A trip to the urologist, and Oscar Santana inadvertently “disses” the guys!

Enjoy! Episode #79 will be along in just a couple of days!

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Back by popular demand (OK, only ONE guy wrote in....but it was still a good idea!), the beautiful and talented ANNIE YU from Fox 5 in Washington D.C. joins the gang once again on this fun and revealing episode! Promisingly enough, the show starts with Annie expressing her opinion on lingerie, and then she receives quite the thoughtful gift from the guys! Also, she talks about what a "good" driver she is, and how she handles the MANY times she gets pulled over!
Plus, Tony, Gary, Annie and Rob Ford find out just how well they do (or don't) know each other, in a game called "Three Questions"; Gary describes the odd way he handles fear; and musical selections from the Beach Boys and someone named Skee Lo.  How's THAT for variety?!
Note: Catch Annie Yu on "Fox News Morning", Wednesday through Sunday mornings on Fox 5. And follow her on Facebook at "Annie Yu Fox 5 DC" and on Twitter at @AnnieYuFox5.
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For the first time in the show’s history, Tony does the show from D.C., while Gary does the show from New Jersey.  Why?  All we’ll tell you here is it has to do with Gary’s BACK, and it’s a big deal! 

Also, Tony explains how he has the nerve to get BACK on the Washington Redskins’ bandwagon, after so publicly leaving the fold in 2014; not everybody is happy he’s back!

And, since Gary isn’t in the studio this week, our good friend Robb Spewak (The Mike O’Meara Show, Cake and Cookies) is BACK with the boys!

PLUS: Serious Beatles collector Russ Lease ( returns to the show, with the inside scoop on the recent Beatles and Ringo Starr auctions (including the AMAZING item he sold!); and Robb S. and Rob Ford compete in everybody’s favorite game show, “Know Your Robs!”  You’ll be glad YOU came BACK!

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All-time boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard joins the guys in this show for a RARE, extended interview that goes into amazing detail about his storied career, and brings us up to date on his life today.  During his twenty-year professional career, Ray won world titles in the welterweight, junior middleweight, middleweight, super middleweight, and light heavyweight divisions. He was the FIRST boxer to win world titles in five different weight classes!  And in doing so, he defeated some of the toughest boxers of his era, including Roberto Duran, Wilfred Benitez, Thomas Hearns, and Marvin Hagler.  Ray's fights were some of the most historic and dramatic fights in history.
In this interview, Ray is extraordinarily candid, revealing surprising information about his life and career.  He also talks about "The Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation", and its' efforts to help fund research to battle childhood type 1 and 2 diabetes, and to help children lead healthier lives.
Also on this show: a NEW edition of "What Were They Thinking?", featuring TERRIBLE music by some of your favorite stars!
We promise you DO NOT want to miss this episode!
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In this ALL NEW episode, the great Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling returns to the show, and boy, is it a riot!  As always, he comes loaded with jokes, and comes out swinging, busting Tony and Gary's chops and leaving the whole gang in tears.  This will be one of the funniest hours you will spend in your life!
Plus, Tony raves about one of his Christmas presents, the new Bruce Springsteen box set "The Ties That Bind: The River Collection", and Gary introduces a new musical find from one of our favorite listeners....much to the chagrin of Rob Ford.  It's a New Year's extravaganza!
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