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The Blizzard of 2016 screwed up EVERYBODY’S schedules this past week, so brand-new Episode #79 is going to be delayed by a couple of days.  In the meantime, for this weekend only, we present this “Throwback Episode”! It’s an encore presentation of Episode #3 of our show, from August 2014. We have been THRILLED to add so many new listeners recently; we thought we’d give you the chance to hear an early show that you may have missed. We KNOW it will make you laugh out loud!

This show features an hysterical interview with heart-throb actor DIRK BENEDICT, of “Battlestar Galactica” and “The A-Team” fame! He and Gary are old friends, and Dirk’s description of their relationship is really funny. This was the FIRST celebrity interview Tony and Gary did on the podcast—but it sounds like it was done yesterday!

Also on this episode: A trip to the urologist, and Oscar Santana inadvertently “disses” the guys!

Enjoy! Episode #79 will be along in just a couple of days!

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Back by popular demand (OK, only ONE guy wrote in....but it was still a good idea!), the beautiful and talented ANNIE YU from Fox 5 in Washington D.C. joins the gang once again on this fun and revealing episode! Promisingly enough, the show starts with Annie expressing her opinion on lingerie, and then she receives quite the thoughtful gift from the guys! Also, she talks about what a "good" driver she is, and how she handles the MANY times she gets pulled over!
Plus, Tony, Gary, Annie and Rob Ford find out just how well they do (or don't) know each other, in a game called "Three Questions"; Gary describes the odd way he handles fear; and musical selections from the Beach Boys and someone named Skee Lo.  How's THAT for variety?!
Note: Catch Annie Yu on "Fox News Morning", Wednesday through Sunday mornings on Fox 5. And follow her on Facebook at "Annie Yu Fox 5 DC" and on Twitter at @AnnieYuFox5.
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For the first time in the show’s history, Tony does the show from D.C., while Gary does the show from New Jersey.  Why?  All we’ll tell you here is it has to do with Gary’s BACK, and it’s a big deal! 

Also, Tony explains how he has the nerve to get BACK on the Washington Redskins’ bandwagon, after so publicly leaving the fold in 2014; not everybody is happy he’s back!

And, since Gary isn’t in the studio this week, our good friend Robb Spewak (The Mike O’Meara Show, Cake and Cookies) is BACK with the boys!

PLUS: Serious Beatles collector Russ Lease ( returns to the show, with the inside scoop on the recent Beatles and Ringo Starr auctions (including the AMAZING item he sold!); and Robb S. and Rob Ford compete in everybody’s favorite game show, “Know Your Robs!”  You’ll be glad YOU came BACK!

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All-time boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard joins the guys in this show for a RARE, extended interview that goes into amazing detail about his storied career, and brings us up to date on his life today.  During his twenty-year professional career, Ray won world titles in the welterweight, junior middleweight, middleweight, super middleweight, and light heavyweight divisions. He was the FIRST boxer to win world titles in five different weight classes!  And in doing so, he defeated some of the toughest boxers of his era, including Roberto Duran, Wilfred Benitez, Thomas Hearns, and Marvin Hagler.  Ray's fights were some of the most historic and dramatic fights in history.
In this interview, Ray is extraordinarily candid, revealing surprising information about his life and career.  He also talks about "The Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation", and its' efforts to help fund research to battle childhood type 1 and 2 diabetes, and to help children lead healthier lives.
Also on this show: a NEW edition of "What Were They Thinking?", featuring TERRIBLE music by some of your favorite stars!
We promise you DO NOT want to miss this episode!
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In this ALL NEW episode, the great Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling returns to the show, and boy, is it a riot!  As always, he comes loaded with jokes, and comes out swinging, busting Tony and Gary's chops and leaving the whole gang in tears.  This will be one of the funniest hours you will spend in your life!
Plus, Tony raves about one of his Christmas presents, the new Bruce Springsteen box set "The Ties That Bind: The River Collection", and Gary introduces a new musical find from one of our favorite listeners....much to the chagrin of Rob Ford.  It's a New Year's extravaganza!
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