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For your Memorial Day Weekend listening pleasure, Gary tells about a recent bizarre visit he had to a public men's room. How bizarre?  It has to do with this episode's title.  Also, Tony introduces brand new music from The Monkees! And yes....we said BRAND NEW. You're going to LOVE it!
Plus: Comedy from the hysterical comedian GODFREY, who sat in with the guys back in September of 2015. It's a "Funny Flashback"!
Sit back, laugh, and have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend!
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On what is possibly our most "ADD" episode ever, Tony and Gary learn that Rob Ford's girlfriend shaves his back, and they are quite taken aback by this!

Also: Tony and Gary relive some crazy times from their tenure at "Good Morning America", and new music from Cheap Trick and Prince. It's a good hyperbole!

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Just in time for the heating up of the spring political season, we are joined by uproarious comedian and political satirist WILL DURST, live in studio! Will is one of the brightest comedians on the planet, and his sharp observations about everyday life and, especially, the absurdities of our current political situation will make you laugh and....maybe....cry.  Will has appeared on Comedy Central, HBO, Showtime, "Late Night with David Letterman", and now, here. You can read his "Will Durst Journal" at
Also: Tony introduces some current products that make some rather odd claims; Gary tells a CRAZY story about Katharine Hepburn; and Will Durst joins the gang in a great new game called "Idiom".
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In this amazing episode, Tony and Gary spend time with the one-and-only DICK CAVETT, perhaps the most erudite and clever TV talk show host ever. In a wide-ranging and very funny conversation, Cavett talks about interviewing the greats on his late-night ABC show, like Groucho Marx and Katharine Hepburn; he gives insight into show guests like David Bowie, John Lennon, and William F. Buckley, Jr.; and he talks at length about his good friend and late-night competitor, Johnny Carson. And, opinionated and sharp as ever, Cavett weighs in on Donald Trump and the current political scene!
Also: Tony and Gary grab a bagel, and Gary gets some new employment opportunities.
This episode is truly one of a kind.
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