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Due to unforeseen circumstances, we must present an encore of episode 28 from January 2015, "Trixie!" This is one of our very favorite shows. In this one, Tony and Gary call a strip club; Gary is serenaded by a drag queen; Tony presents music from Aretha Franklin; and Gary presents "The 5 Words". It is a VERY funny show!
Next week, for your July 4th listening pleasure:  A BRAND NEW SHOW!
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In the wake of so much bad news recently, the guys present some Funny News Headlines to cheer you up! Also, a NEW game, called "Dead or Alive?". Plus: Gary describes the drawbacks of living in an apartment building full of Holocaust survivors (this is a TRUE story!), and Tony RAVES about an HBO movie and recommends one new music release to pick up, and one to avoid. And, oh, yes....the guys belatedly acknowledge Gary's birthday. And he is NOT amused!
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Tony and Gary pay tribute to one of their all-time heroes, the “Greatest of All Time”, Muhammad Ali. They also talk to Star-Ledger and writer Steve Politi regarding his just-published article about the time Ali attempted to get The Beatles to reunite! It’s fascinating!

Sad as the passing of Ali is, this episode still contains lots of laughs, as Tony describes his “boys weekend” with his son, and Gary talks about a truly bizarre parade that he recently witnessed. Plus: Who would do better in jail, Tony, or Gary? And: an appropriate, funny, and poignant “Celebrity Encounter”.

This episode floats like a butterfly, but stings like a bee!

NOTE: You can follow writer Steve Politi on Twitter at @StevePoliti.

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As the boys are on a well-deserved vacation, we present this episode that originally aired in February 2015.  It features the FIRST appearance of Angela Stribling on the show.  She, of course, is the host of WHUR-FM's Pillow Talk with Angela, the late-night show that features frank talk about love, sex, and relationships.  Angela answers Tony and Gary's questions about those topics and more.  Of course, things get heated and quite silly--especially when Rob Ford chimes in with HIS questions!
Plus: Can show tunes help you heal???
This episode is rated "R"!
(Pillow Talk with Angela can now be heard Monday through Friday nights at midnight on Washington D.C.'s 96.3 WHUR-FM, and regularly on Sirius/XM Channel 141, HUR Voices.)
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