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This CRAZY episode was recorded at 8am in the morning...JUST before it came out! And because of that, we do it in the style of a wacky morning radio show! It's your hosts, Gary and Tony, with special guest newsman OSCAR SANTANA, and helicopter traffic reporter Rob Ford!

On today's show: the "Celebrity True or False Game"; Tony's summer vacation; a never-before-heard piece of music from The Beatles; and great tunes from The Beatnix!

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Tony, Gary and Rob are joined by The Mike O'Meara Show's ROBB SPEWAK, and his son Robert! 13-year-old Robert has come along to try to explain the "Pokemon Go" phenomenon to the old guys, with decidedly mixed results.  Also, Gary pits Robb against Tony in a Pop Culture Challenge, and let's just say the game seems a bit unfair.
Plus: Tony backtracks; and cool music from "City and Colour".
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It's EPISODE 100....and you can tell right from the start of this show that the guys are quite giddy about hitting that milestone!  Among the MANY topics covered:  Gary reads congratulatory emails from celebrities; the guys get an update on Rob's gym status; Gary takes care of some personal phone calls; and Tony gets his revenge by quizzing Gary in another edition of the "Unintelligible Lyrics" game! Thanks for listening, folks, and here's to the next hundred shows!
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The guys deliver some MUCH NEEDED comic relief after what has been a TOUGH week for the country. First, Tony tells of a bizarre encounter he had one night after work.  (The story involves naked women!) Then, Gary and Tony open gifts from listener Bob Fay, MUCH to the chagrin of Rob Ford. Plus: the guys call a local tour company to get answers to some rather odd questions about sightseeing in Washington, D.C.; Gary reveals a big secret; and finally, the whole gang watches a WILDLY disturbing video, and their reactions are just priceless. This episode is INSANE! (AND it's Rated "R"!)
Note: The video the guys watch is TOO GRAPHIC to post here. If you think YOU want to watch it (maybe you should listen to THEM watching it first!), here is the link:
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This special, all-new Fourth of July episode features Gary hosting a brand-new music game, “They’re Saying WHAT?!”, where Tony has to figure out just what lyrics are being sung in some very famous songs.  It’s great—and YOU can play along!

Also, the most bizarre soccer penalty ever; comedy from Kurt Metzger; and Rob Ford’s CRAZY gym experience!  This show’s alternate title is:  “Smoothies for All!”  Enjoy, and have a happy and safe Fourth of July!

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