The Tony Perkins Show
In this jam-packed episode, Gary extends a special invitation to Tony. You'll simply have to listen to find out what it is and how that goes!
Plus, Gary gets an email from his Mom; Tony presents some new AND old music; and, a whole lot of Pet Peeves!
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An impromptu, crazy, and revealing conversation about God nearly derails this episode almost before it has started!  It's funny and serious, and Tony may need to ask for forgiveness!
Also, the guys introduce the proprietors of Washington D.C.'s most unique music venue, Songbyrd. It's a cafe, restaurant, and bar, where you can celebrate the surprising return of vinyl music at amazing listening parties, AND hear the latest up-and-coming artists LIVE.  It's VERY cool. And we listen to some records!
Plus: Gary goes to the movies, and an odd "Celebrity Encounter".  Can we get an "Amen"?!
NOTE:  For a schedule of upcoming Songbyrd events, check out, visit them on Facebook at "Songbyrd Music House", and follow them on Twitter, @songbyrddc.
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On this, the fifteenth anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks, Tony and Gary recall what happened that day behind the scenes at "Good Morning America", where they were working at the time. It is a fascinating look back at a day we will all Never Forget.
Then, it's part two of our preview of the new Beatles projects. The guys talk to veteran, award winning journalist Larry Kane, author of "Ticket to Ride", about traveling with The Beatles for the entirety of their 1964 and 1965 U.S. tours. No other American journalist had the relationship that Larry had with "the boys". Larry is featured in the new Ron Howard documentary "Eight Days a Week--The Touring Years", in theaters Sept. 15th, and on Hulu Sept. 17th.
PLUS: A Beatles music mystery; Tony gets a new credit card; and the guys go on TV!  It's an episode you won't forget.
Note:  Larry Kane's "Ticket to Ride" is now available as an e-book, and can be ordered through the Amazon portal at
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Tony and Gary PREVIEW tracks from the upcoming, much-hyped CD and LP "The Beatles LIVE at the Hollywood Bowl"! And JOE JOHNSON, host of the nationally syndicated "Beatle Brunch" radio show, tells us what all the fuss is about.
PLUS: The guys review the Olympics, as only they can; the truth about steel-cut oatmeal; a listener-assisted "What Were They Thinking"; a "Celebrity Encounter" with Donald Trump (!); and a tribute to Gene Wilder.
"Beatle Brunch" can be heard on over 60 radio stations nationwide. Go to for complete information.
"The Beatles LIVE at the Hollywood Bowl" can be pre-ordered on the Amazon portal at
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