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We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and want to bring you a very special Thanksgiving encore presentation that originally aired in September 2015! In one of our most rollicking episodes to date, Tony and Gary welcome to the studio one of the top comedians working today, Godfrey! You may know him from his hosting duties on Fox-TV’s reality-game show “Bullseye”, or from the IFC series “Benders”, or from his hit 2011 Comedy Central special, “Godfrey: Black by Accident”. Godfrey is HYSTERICAL, and is one of the most intelligent and highly-regarded acts in comedy. What the guys didn’t know before meeting him was how perfectly he would fit our show. It’s just crazy!

Plus: Gary gets aggravated; shopping at Sears; and Rob Ford is a bad, bad boy! This show is…you guessed it…chock full!

Follow Godfrey on Twitter, @GodfreyComedian, and check out his website,!

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When this show ran in December of 2015, it was one of the most uproarious episodes to date! For one thing, there is DRINKING involved! Tony’s good friend and former college roommate, Rob Garretson, is the author of the wine blog He plays a wine-tasting game with the guys–who ARE NOT DRINKERS–to see how developed their palettes are. Needless to say, the more they drink, the wilder (and sillier) this show gets!

But that’s not all! Rob Ford’s mother, Anita, joins us LIVE IN STUDIO for this show! Tony and Gary try to get to the root of why Rob is…well…Rob. And that gets pretty funny, too. (Plus, Anita joins in on the wine game!)

Also: a gift from Gary to Tony, and another Rob Ford music pick. This episode is SPECTACULAR! (Oh…and be sure to listen to the end for maximum “Robness”.)

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This week, Tony and Gary react to the election of Donald Trump as our next President of the United States, and Tony talks about what it was like covering election night on live TV.  Plus, the guys have questions about a new “brain enhancer”; Gary visits a retirement home; and a tribute to Leonard Cohen.

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In one of the most ADD episodes of TTPSFGS ever (and THAT’S saying something!), the guys roll non-stop from one crazy topic to another, barely pausing to gasp for air.  Among the subjects covered: Gary is nearly poisoned, and the guys actually get the person who nearly poisoned him on the phone! Also, Tony’s mouth troubles; Gary’s collection of weird, but very funny, actual names of people; Tony presents music composed by….well….you’ll have to listen; and surprising music from The Manhattans.

Plus, Rob Ford poops all over one of Tony’s segments. Will Rob survive to produce again? Listen and find out!

By the way, the alternate title for this episode is “America: The Bi-Curious Sophomore”.  Enjoy!

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