The Tony Perkins Show

The gang returns for a big Christmas spectacular, and it is chock full!

First: Tony makes a HUGE announcement about upcoming changes in his professional life! Then Gary announces his New Year's Eve plans (and it involves network TV!).

Plus: The Incredible Christmas Game Show; amazing "new" music from Aretha Franklin; and each of the guys (including Rob) present some unique Christmas music! You'll have a holly, jolly old time.  Merry Christmas!!!

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Hey, friends! As you know, Tony has been down for the count with bronchitis and laryngitis. Although he is feeling better, he was still unable to record a new episode this past weekend. So here, for your listening pleasure, is an encore presentation of last year's holiday episode, which features the hysterical comedian TONY WOODS!  Enjoy, and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

We'll be back with an all new show SOON!

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Friends! Due to Tony's ongoing battle with bronchitis and laryngitis, the guys were unable to record a new show this past weekend. But they'll be back with an all-new episode NEXT week!

In the meantime, here's an encore presentation of episode 93 from May 2016, "Now Removes More". It features satirist Will Durst, a great new game called "Idiom", and ads for some products that make some rather odd claims!  

Enjoy! And here's a little tease for you: On next week's show, Tony makes a BIG announcement!!!

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This week's show may be one of our funniest yet: Gary and Tony have dinner, and as is usually the case, it doesn't go entirely smoothly.  Plus, the whole gang rates this season's upcoming movie releases, without having seen any of the films! (Who needs to actually see them?!)

Also: A "Celebrity Encounter" from Tony (!), and a very special guest:  Rob's mom, Anita Ford! This one's mom-tastic!

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In the wake of the passing of pop icon David Cassidy, Tony and Gary talk to David's longtime producer, arranger, keyboardist, and friend, Craig Snider, about what it was like to work with and tour with David. He also provides insight into what David's final days were like.

PLUS:  Craig shares an EXCLUSIVE, NEVER-BEFORE-HEARD piece of music from David Cassidy's final recording sessions and it is unlike ANYTHING you've heard David do before! It's great, and you will ONLY hear it here!

ALSO: Highlights from Tony and Gary's emotional and revealing conversation with David, from 2014. It is truly touching.

And finally: Gary's hotel room debacle, and a quick chat with jazz singer (and wife of Gary) Sarah Partridge, about what could be a very exciting week for her!

This episode is dedicated, with love, to David Cassidy and his family.

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On this year's all-new Thanksgiving episode, Tony tells some "Thanksgiving Horror Stories", Gary introduces the "Best TV Catch Phrases" game, and Rob loses his voice!

PLUS: Gary talks about his night hanging out with RINGO STARR (!!!), and Tony presents cool new music from Greta Van Fleet. There's LOTS to be thankful for!

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On this week's show, Gary talks about the passing of his mother-in-law, as only Gary would. The conversation is touching, yet also completely hilarious. He also gives Tony MAJOR grief for something Tony DIDN'T do in the wake of the death!

Plus:  What NOT to say to people who are in mourning; the return of the "What Does It Mean?" game; fascinating Fats Domino and Beatles trivia; and comedy from Nick Swardson, Robin Williams, and Carol Burnett. Despite this week's "theme", we think you'll find plenty of laughs!

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Due to a death in Gary's family (we'll give you the details on our next show), we were unable to record a new show this past weekend. Instead, we bring you an encore presentation of one of our all-time favorites, from May of 2016: Tony and Gary's extraordinary conversation with TV talk show great DICK CAVETT. It is a fun and wide-ranging chat, and Dick doesn't disappoint. Plus, Rob Ford does another great job of adding to the interview with wonderful clips that highlight the moments Cavett talks about. We're really proud of this one.

Enjoy, and we'll be with you next week with an all-new episode!

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On this rollicking NEW episode, the guys welcome back the lovely Angela Stribling, of the nationally-heard love, sex, romance and music show "Pillow Talk with Angela Stribling". As always, Angela is fun and delightful, and she once again puts up with LOTS of silliness from Tony, Gary, and Rob! 

PLUS: "I'm Sorry, What Did You Say?"; Gary goes to the DMV; and Tony has ear trouble.

This episode is Rated "R", and is dedicated to the Detroit Red Wings.

Note: Listen to "Pillow Talk with Angela Stribling" on 96.3 WHUR-FM in Washington, D.C. weeknights at midnight, or nationally on Sirius/XM channel 141.

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You read that right; this episode features BRAND NEW interviews with RINGO STARR and rock icon TODD RUNDGREN!

First:  Ringo has just kicked off his latest All Starr Band tour (which features Todd) in Las Vegas, where he calls in from. The former Beatle talks about what it was like being in Vegas when the recent shooting attack happened, and weighs in on the gun culture in America. We also talk about the genesis of some of the songs on his new album Give More Love, AND he gives hints about what the next new Beatles releases might be!

Then:  Todd ("Hello It's Me", "I Saw the Light", "Can We Still Be Friends") talks about what it's like working with Ringo; how Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell LP came to be (Rundgren produced it); his old band UTOPIA; drug use and the rock and roll lifestyle; Jerry Lewis (!); and his new album White Knight and his upcoming solo tour!

This show is fascinating, funny, loaded with music, and....yes....JAM PACKED!

For tickets to see Ringo's All Starr Band on tour:

For tickets to see Todd Rundgren's "White Knight" tour: and

The albums Give More Love and White Knight can be purchased from Amazon by clicking on the "shopping cart" link at

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Despite not being in a very funny frame of mind due to world events, Tony and Gary (and Rob!) sure find a lot of laughs in the topics covered on this episode! Those include: "Since We Last Saw You"; an update on Jemima; Rob's improving fortunes; Tony at Cagezilla; and Gary's real estate dilemma.

PLUS: Music from Stevie Ray Vaughn, Black Eyed Peas, Paul McCartney, Kelly Clarkson, and....David Hasselhoff! We think you're going to laugh yourself silly!

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This one's a wild one, as the guys all chime in with recent crazy events in their lives: Gary encounters an over-sharing neighbor; Rob has to help his dog with a sticky situation; and Gary makes a new friend with an amazing name!

Plus, we share some of our favorite bits from the last couple of years, including a disturbing encounter with toe fungus, a memorable job audition for Tony and Gary, and a truly bizarre "What Were They Thinking?"!

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This week Tony, Gary and Rob welcome Tony's Fox 5 colleague JIM LOKAY, host of the new, off-beat political show "The Final Five". In addition to being a great newsman, Jim is a very funny guy; he even does celebrity impressions! In this episode, Tony pits Jim and Gary against each other in a hysterical game of "70's TV Trivia"!

Also: Gary's dog Joe is NOT happy with him; PROOF that Tony was once one of D.C.'s "Top Bachelors"; and GREAT new music from a listener!

NOTE: Check out Jim Lokay on "The Final Five" weeknights at 11:30pm on Fox 5. You can ALSO see him weeknights at 5pm on the "News at 5", and at 6:30pm on "5 at 6:30"!

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On this all-new, amazing show, Tony and Gary welcome Rock and Roll Hall of Famer JOE WALSH!!! In a wide-ranging conversation, Joe talks about life as a member of The Eagles, how the group is managing after the death of founder Glenn Frey, and what it's like being Ringo Starr's brother-in-law! Most significantly, Joe talks about VetsAid, the non-profit he has founded to aid veterans and their families, and we fill you in on this week's big benefit concert, being headlined by Joe!

Plus: Gary and Tony contemplate a boxing showdown; and, new music from RINGO STARR! This one is a special one, crafted (as always) by the talented young master Rob Ford!

NOTE: Joe Walsh's "VetsAid" concert, starring Joe, Keith Urban, the Zac Brown Band, and Gary Clark, Jr., is Wednesday, September 20th at EagleBank Arena in Fairfax, Virginia. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster. For more information on helping our veterans, go to

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This week the guys have a wonderfully warm and very funny chat with Washington, D.C. TV legend ARCH CAMPBELL. Arch was the movie and entertainment anchor for NBC 4 in the Nation's Capitol for 32 years, and is one of D.C.'s most beloved TV personalities. He is now the co-host of the popular new podcast "At the Movies with Arch and Ann", which also stars previous TPGS guest Ann Hornaday, movie critic for The Washington Post. Arch talks about movies, the glory days of local TV, and his love for the late Jim Vance, arguably D.C.'s most iconic news anchor. You'll also be surprised by Arch and Tony's long relationship!

Plus: Gary and Tony recall covering hurricanes for "Good Morning America"; a preview of their upcoming appearance on the "Full Belly Laughs" podcast, with show host Brian Durkin, and a BRAND NEW "Celebrity Encounter" from Gary!

Note: Download and listen to "At the Movies with Arch and Ann" and "Fully Belly Laughs" from iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast provider!

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In this year's ALL NEW, jam-packed Labor Day episode, the gang plays a new edition of the "Celebrity Net Worth Game", and it is quite insane. It might be the feistiest game show ever!

Also: Gary's STRANGE real estate encounter; Gary takes Tony to task; a funny story from Tony and Gary's "Good Morning America" days; a review of the Mayweather/McGregor fight; and.....Tony's harmonica solo!!! This one's a labor of love!

Note: This week's show is dedicated to Gary's dearly departed pet cat, Robie (pictured).

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The guys welcome Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling back to the show, to celebrate the upcoming release of his new book, The Joke Man: Bow to Stern! And as always, it is a laugh riot!

Also: Gary chastises Tony for how he celebrated his birthday; listeners help us finish casting our movie version of Rob's "Treasure Chest" story; and, is there a new record out by Michael Jackson??? Come on in and have a laugh on us!

NOTE: You can pre-order The Joke Man: Bow to Stern NOW at

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Rob Ford finds a "treasure chest" in his attic (well, sort of), and Tony and Gary have quite a bit of fun with one of its' contents.

Also: Gary and Tony go to Philly; A $40,000 iPod; Can't We All Just Get Along; and some timely comedy from John Oliver. We could all use some good laughs right now; here they are!

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On this rollicking episode, Tony and Gary welcome internet radio star CORY BLAZE, host of the "Fat Guy Radio Show"! Cory flew in from his home base of Phoenix, Arizona just to sit-in with the guys!  The laughs come fast and often in this one, and Cory's story (including his tale of some rather unusual recent surgery) is most entertaining!

Plus: An update from Rob Ford on his relationship status; the return of the "Which Came First?" game; and amazing music from perhaps the saddest clown you've ever heard or seen. This show is on FIRE!

NOTE: Check out Cory's show at!

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On our ALL NEW, THIRD ANNIVERSARY SHOW (!), the guys welcome comedian JASON WEEMS, who not only has the gang cracking up, but also has them riveted with the AMAZING story of how he DIED earlier this year and was brought back to life by an incredible medical team! It is a jaw-dropping and truly dramatic story.

ALSO: Gary returns from his camping trip; Tony survives his sleep study; and a brand new, albeit somewhat inappropriate game! This one's special!

NOTE: As you'll hear in the show, Jason now has some pretty hefty medical bills. As such, he'll be performing (with six other great comics) in a special fundraising show on Wednesday, August 9th, at D.C.'s "Drafthouse Comedy Theater". It's going to be a GREAT show!  For tickets and info, go to YOU CAN ALSO SUPPORT JASON at Thanks!

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Hilarity ensues as the guys place a phone call to a McDonalds in Liverpool, England for "investigative purposes"; Tony performs a Bruce Springsteen parody; one of Gary's Boy Scout friends calls in and harasses Tony; surprising info about Rob's grandfather; and Tony reveals his true thoughts about the Trump administration!  

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On this rollicking episode, the guys pick a lucky listener as the winner in the "Name the New Viagra Generic Drug" social media challenge, and YOUR suggestions are fabulous! Plus, some surprising facts about toilet paper, an update on the mega-hit song "Despacito", and NEW music from Cheap Trick!

ALSO:  The guys are joined by Fox Sports Radio host Kelsey Nicole Nelson, who updates us on recent sports controversies involving Michael Vick, Colin Kaepernick, and Redskins' quarterback Kirk Cousins. AND....Tony pays tribute to Washington, D.C. television legend Jim Vance, who passed away over the weekend. This show is not to be missed.

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Tony attempts to regale the guys with stories of his trip to Alaska, but they aren't really that impressed. Plus, an "official" from Alaska calls in to complain about Tony's behavior in the 49th state.

Also: Viagra goes generic; the winner of the "Name Gary's Pimple" contest; music from "Portugal. The Man"; and a funny, good old-fashioned "show-bizzy" appearance from The Mike O'Meara Show's ROBB SPEWAK!

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In this show, Gary and Tony endure the conclusion of Rob Ford's very long "Great Gatsby" story! WILL Rob's relationship survive the Great Gatsby Party? WILL Gary stay awake through the story?  Listen to find out!

Also: Gary tests Tony's "weather" memory, with help from a surprise guest: Fox 5 meteorologist (and all-around great person) Sue Palka!  And, Tony dissects the number one hit song "Despacito" (it's pretty dirty!). Plus: crazy malapropisms! It's ANOTHER chock full show!

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FINALLY, after putting it off for weeks, Tony and Gary "allow" Rob Ford to tell his story about attending a dress-up "Great Gatsby" theme party....and boy is it a doozy! 

Plus: The guys debate Entertainment Weekly's list of the most patriotic movies of all time; Tony's in a book; and Gary meets a bear! It's another stellar July 4th episode. Happy 4th!

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This week the guys welcome back to the show legendary rock and roll disc jockey CERPHE Colwell, on the occasion of the publication of his new book, Cerphe's Up. Cerphe shares WONDERFUL stories about times he spent with such rock icons as Bruce Springsteen, George Harrison, Frank Zappa, and Steve Van Zandt, and he reminisces about the glory days of WHFS-FM, one of the most eclectic and greatest radio stations EVER. This is a truly special conversation, AND it features some really great music!

Plus: MORE on Gary's new puppy; new music from Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie; and, just maybe....Rob's "Great Gatsby" story! We are really proud of this one, and hope you enjoy it, too!

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Tony's well again and the guys immediately get to work getting caught up on the latest current events, including...Gary has a new puppy! And it's pooping all over his house! Gary's not thrilled, and Tony's not impressed with his selection of breed.

Plus: A call to Gary's dry cleaner (who does not treat Gary like a valued customer!); "Are THESE the best Beatles songs EVER?"; and "Last Week in the News". Dare we say, this one's fun, provocative, and CHOCK FULL!

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Due to Tony being laid low by an illness, this week we present an encore presentation of one of our FAVORITE episodes, featuring radio and TV legend DONNIE SIMPSON! Donnie, Tony and Gary have an instant rapport, and it was a warm, funny, and comfortable conversation. (This was the first time since 1992 that Donnie and Tony had reunited for an extended time on-air!)

Enjoy!  (And don't forget, now you can hear Donnie on the radio again, weekday afternoons on MAJIC 102.3 in Washington, D.C.)

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At the suggestion of show Twitter follower @cozmodog, Tony and Gary nominate some movies, TV shows, and music acts that they think are either over-rated or under-rated. Among the movies on the "over-rated" list? "Star Wars" and "Titanic"!!! Let the arguments begin! (And yes, we want YOU to weigh in!)

PLUS: Gary and Tony call to order tickets for a live presentation of "The Sound of Music", and the phone call is hilarious! Also, new music from Brad Paisley (!), and much more! The hills are alive....with the sound of laughter!

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In this all-new Memorial Day special, Tony, Gary and Rob have a blast playing "Trivial Pursuit" and the brand new game "Famous Black Inventors"!  You'll laugh, you'll learn, and you'll probably be mildly offended; but don't complain, as you've now been warned!

Also: Tony makes a surprising maneuver, Gary is always on-the-job, and a new character?

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day (week).

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This one's all over the place: Tony has a yard sale; Gary has an update on his Indian real estate client, who continues to insult; Tony gives an early review of the brand new Sirius/XM Beatles Channel and brings some New Old Music; and the guys present their most over-rated and under-rated TV shows.

Also, perhaps surprisingly, both Gary and Tony met (and briefly worked for) former Fox News Channel chief Roger Ailes, who died suddenly last week.  In this show, the guys describe what that was like.  It's another "chock full" episode!

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On this episode, Tony and Gary weigh in on the debate about hype-king Lavar Ball, father of UCLA basketball star Lonzo Ball: is he a narcissistic nut, or is he a promotional genius? ESPN Radio host Clinton Yates adds illuminating insight.

Plus: Steve Harvey's OUTRAGEOUS memo to his staff, and a very cool celebrity response. And: The Funeral; The Bitter End; and The Tire Store. This one's funny and thought provoking. Praise Jesus!

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The guys are back after their most recent live show at the DC Improv, and they are ON FIRE! In this episode, Gary hosts the brand new game "Do YOU Know Yiddish?", and with Tony and Rob Ford as the contestants, you know it's going to be meshuga!

Plus: A review of the whole DC Improv experience (including "audience contributor" Terry!); Gary loses his wallet; and Tony explains why this episode almost didn't happen. Be a mensch, and give this show a listen!

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Straight from the DC Improv to YOU, it's the THIRD live, sold out episode of our show--and boy, is it a wild one!  The crowd--in particular one guy named Terry--were VERY involved in the show (much to the surprise of Tony and Gary), and it results in our most raucous live show yet!  Our guests, comedian Rob Maher and TV personality Sarah Fraser are JUST as crazy (wait'll you hear what Sarah talks about), and the show really goes off the rails!

It's a fun one, but this episode is rated R!!!

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On this week's CRAZY episode, the guys welcome AMAZING stand-up comedian HUGGY LOWDOWN! Huggy is one of the funniest people we know; he can be heard daily on radio's nationally syndicated "Tom Joyner Morning Show", and every afternoon in the Washington, D.C. area on MAJIC 102.3's "Donnie Simpson Show". He also appears at clubs and theaters across the country, usually with comedy sidekick (and TPGS show favorite) Chris Paul. This week he has Tony, Gary and Rob rolling with laughter!

PLUS: "In the News"; TWO awkward encounters for Gary; and Prince's "Purple Rain" like you've never heard it before!

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In this show, Gary introduces a new "Tragic Audition From a Failed Acting Career". This story is titled "The Rob Lowe Role", and it is without a doubt one on the FUNNIEST stories Gary has ever told; and THAT'S saying something!

PLUS: The guys are THRILLED to welcome legendary sportscaster TIM RYAN, who talks about his AMAZING career covering big-time boxing, the NFL, the U.S. Open, and so much more. It ends up being a funny AND moving conversation.

Also: Tony and Gary talk about the WORST movies they've ever seen!

Note: Tim Ryan's new book, "On Someone Else's Nickel", is out now, and is available on Amazon. (Use the Amazon portal at!)

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In episode 133, Gary and Tony pay tribute to one of the all-time great comedians, Don Rickles. They talk about and play some of their favorite moments from his long career, and the result is side-splitting!

PLUS: Legendary singer and songwriter JANIS IAN guests, along with the wonderful jazz singer Sarah Partridge, to talk about collaborating on Sarah's brand new album, a tribute to Janis called "Bright Lights and Promises". It is a wonderful, funny, and warm conversation, AND we get to preview some of the tracks! And oh, yeah:  "Breaking News" from Barry Manilow, and an ode to public transportation from the Bee Gees! LOL!

Note: "Bright Lights and Promises" comes out April 21st, but you can pre-order the album NOW at!

Direct download: TONYPERKINSSHOW20170410.mp3
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Stand-up comedian and fellow MORE Network host ROB MAHER joins us for this episode, and it is a laugh riot! He has instantly become one of our favorite guests ever, and we think you'll agree. Rob talks about performing for our troops, and Gary challenges Rob and former stand-up comic Tony to the "Punchline Game". It's great, great fun.

PLUS: A SURPRISING update on the Al Wilson song "The Snake" (that involves Donald Trump!); Gary does battle with Siri; and TONY has his own "Celebrity Encounter"! Well.....kinda. This episode is already one of our favorites ever....enjoy!

Note: Rob Maher will be presenting his next comedy/murder mystery at Magooby's Joke House in Timonium, Maryland on April 13th. Go to for tickets.  AND you can currently see him on the Kevin Hart-hosted Comedy Central TV show "Hart of the City". Go to for info. 

Direct download: TONYPERKINSSHOW20170403.mp3
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The gang is BACK with an all-new, jam-packed show! Tony introduces exciting, previously unreleased music from PAUL McCARTNEY and ELVIS COSTELLO (performing TOGETHER), from the new special-edition CD release of Paul's 1989 Flowers in the Dirt album. It's very cool!

PLUS: A new "Origins" game; Gary goes to the doctor and gets nosy; Rob goes to the doctor and gets embarrassed; new movie reviews; and a brand new Celebrity Encounter. You'll love, laugh, AND learn!

Direct download: TONYPERKINSSHOW20170327.mp3
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Thank you so much for the incredible response to last week's interview with sports journalist Jerry Izenberg. This week we decided to keep the boxing train rolling with a special encore presentation of our iTunes-featured interview with boxing icon Sugar Ray Leonard which originally aired in January 2016. We will be back next week with BRAND NEW episode!

All-time boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard joins the guys in this show for a RARE, extended interview that goes into amazing detail about his storied career, and brings us up to date on his life today. During his twenty-year professional career, Ray won world titles in the welterweight, junior middleweight, middleweight, super middleweight, and light heavyweight divisions. He was the FIRST boxer to win world titles in five different weight classes! And in doing so, he defeated some of the toughest boxers of his era, including Roberto Duran, Wilfred Benitez, Thomas Hearns, and Marvin Hagler. Ray’s fights were some of the most historic and dramatic fights in history.

In this interview, Ray is extraordinarily candid, revealing surprising information about his life and career. He also talks about “The Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation”, and its’ efforts to help fund research to battle childhood type 1 and 2 diabetes, and to help children lead healthier lives.

Also on this show: a NEW edition of “What Were They Thinking?”, featuring TERRIBLE music by some of your favorite stars!

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In this episode the guys give you a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to put on their show in New York City, and give you the scoop on how crazy their two days in the city was.  We suspect you'll be pretty surprised at all that went down!

PLUS: A provocative interview with sports-writing legend Jerry Izenberg about his brand new book, Once There Were Giants: The Golden Age of Heavyweight Boxing; a chat about the off-season drama surrounding the Washington Redskins, with sports analyst Grant Paulson of 106.7 The Fan radio; and a brand new "Tragic Audition From the Failed Acting Career of Gary Stein"!  This episode features a plethora know!

Direct download: TONYPERKINSSHOW20170313.mp3
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Here ya's Tony and Gary's LIVE show, as recorded at Caroline's On Broadway in New York City! Featuring "Dancing with the Stars" host TOM BERGERON, rock and roll author (and former John Lennon girlfriend) MAY PANG, and comedian Vince August!  It's a fun night, as the guys introduce their show to a New York City audience for the first time.  Enjoy!

Direct download: TONYPERKINSSHOW20170307.mp3
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On this week's insane show, Tony and Gary discover that blind people can now enjoy pornographic films, because some of them now come with "descriptive audio narration"!  Sensing a new way to make money, the guys decide to audition for a job as narrators. The results will have you breathing heavy with laughter!

Plus: The Origin of Popular Cliches; Our Biggest Fears; A Tax for Robots; and Caroline's, here we come! This episode is rated a HARD "R"!

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Our 2017 Oscars' spectacular finds Tony and Gary reviewing the year's big movies and making their Oscar picks....and let's just say one of the two doesn't find a whole lot to celebrate in this year's movies!

Also:  Crazy sports myths; more Deep Cuts (from Tony and Gary); and more "sex talk" from Conyers, Georgia. This one's a real toe-tapper!

Direct download: TONYPERKINSSHOW20170220.mp3
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This year's Valentine's Day show features Gary giving Tony a listener-provided "Sound of Music" quiz (oh, the cruelty!); Tony's first installment of a new feature, called "Deep Cuts"; the first installment of a new feature from Gary called "Tragic Auditions (of a Failed Acting Career)"; and Rob Ford's remarkably unromantic Valentine's Day plans.  

Plus: A crazy story about "black-ish" star Anthony Anderson.  It's another chock-full show!

Direct download: TONYPERKINSSHOW20170213.mp3
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On this episode Tony and Gary are joined by Fox 5 sportscaster Brody Logan, who has an amazing story about actually appearing as a contestant on "The Price is Right" with Bob Barker! AND....we've got the audio AND the video to prove it! It's great!

Plus: Our Super Bowl 51 "review"; we play the "Celebrity Net Worth Game"; and a form of P-T-S-D that we bet you've never heard of!

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On this episode, Tony and Gary make a HUGE announcement about ANOTHER upcoming live show.  Just wait until you hear it (AND hear who their special guest is going to be)!

Also, good friend and "Hey Frase!" podcast host Sarah Fraser joins the gang again, and hilarity ensues, as they all record a brand new pilot for a TV show LIVE during the podcast!  Sarah updates the guys on her situation with her now former co-host, Samy K, and talks about the rather odd do-it-yourself beauty products that she makes at home.  Plus:  Tony recaps covering the presidential inauguration.

This is a particularly exciting, funny, and even thoughtful (!) episode!

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Last weekend was the 2017 Presidential Inauguration so this week, we decided to play you TPGS's inaugural show from August of 2014. This was back when Tony was just a newsman, Gary had never done a podcast before, Rob was an overly-dressed intern in the background, and The Mike O'Meara Show's Oscar Santana was the board engineer! 

Description from August 2014: "Introducing Tony and Gary; a view on ‘The View’; a Beatles mystery; and guest Joe Johnson, of national radio show “Beatle Brunch”."

This show is full of laughs and we think listeners new and old will enjoy it tremendously!  

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It's another jam-packed show, as the guys welcome "Prognosticator Extraordinaire" Gene Nixon, who makes bold (and rather wild) predictions for 2017. Plus: Tony and Gary take Rob to task; Gary brings some fascinating new music (!); and "Not Ready for Podcast Player" Sam Ingraffia joins in for the NEW "Disease Game".

Also:  A big, exciting announcement from the guys that you won't want to miss! Enjoy!

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In this rollicking episode, the gang ponders the very real issue of why someone would gift a deaf child with a deaf dog (yes, this really happened, and yes, it raises many questions). Also, Tony goes on a rant about the upcoming closing of dozens of Macy's department stores (these issues really are important to us)!

Plus: More of the "Band Name Origins" game; new music we think you'll really like; and, Gary introduces a SURPRISE guest, MUCH to the chagrin of Rob Ford. We're all over the place in this one!

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After a pretty tough 2016, the guys thought it would be great to start 2017 with as much laughter as possible. So they've invited back show regular Jackie Martling, who DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!!! Tony and Gary select topics for Jackie to riff on, and he is, as always, hysterically and definitely inappropriately funny!

Also: Perhaps the worst and the oddest Christmas songs ever; a new game, "Guess the Origin of the Rock Band Name"; and new music from Bruno Mars and The Rolling Stones. As always, this one's JAM PACKED! Happy New Year!

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