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In this all-new Memorial Day special, Tony, Gary and Rob have a blast playing "Trivial Pursuit" and the brand new game "Famous Black Inventors"!  You'll laugh, you'll learn, and you'll probably be mildly offended; but don't complain, as you've now been warned!

Also: Tony makes a surprising maneuver, Gary is always on-the-job, and a new character?

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day (week).

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This one's all over the place: Tony has a yard sale; Gary has an update on his Indian real estate client, who continues to insult; Tony gives an early review of the brand new Sirius/XM Beatles Channel and brings some New Old Music; and the guys present their most over-rated and under-rated TV shows.

Also, perhaps surprisingly, both Gary and Tony met (and briefly worked for) former Fox News Channel chief Roger Ailes, who died suddenly last week.  In this show, the guys describe what that was like.  It's another "chock full" episode!

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On this episode, Tony and Gary weigh in on the debate about hype-king Lavar Ball, father of UCLA basketball star Lonzo Ball: is he a narcissistic nut, or is he a promotional genius? ESPN Radio host Clinton Yates adds illuminating insight.

Plus: Steve Harvey's OUTRAGEOUS memo to his staff, and a very cool celebrity response. And: The Funeral; The Bitter End; and The Tire Store. This one's funny and thought provoking. Praise Jesus!

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The guys are back after their most recent live show at the DC Improv, and they are ON FIRE! In this episode, Gary hosts the brand new game "Do YOU Know Yiddish?", and with Tony and Rob Ford as the contestants, you know it's going to be meshuga!

Plus: A review of the whole DC Improv experience (including "audience contributor" Terry!); Gary loses his wallet; and Tony explains why this episode almost didn't happen. Be a mensch, and give this show a listen!

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Straight from the DC Improv to YOU, it's the THIRD live, sold out episode of our show--and boy, is it a wild one!  The crowd--in particular one guy named Terry--were VERY involved in the show (much to the surprise of Tony and Gary), and it results in our most raucous live show yet!  Our guests, comedian Rob Maher and TV personality Sarah Fraser are JUST as crazy (wait'll you hear what Sarah talks about), and the show really goes off the rails!

It's a fun one, but this episode is rated R!!!

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