The Tony Perkins Show

Hilarity ensues as the guys place a phone call to a McDonalds in Liverpool, England for "investigative purposes"; Tony performs a Bruce Springsteen parody; one of Gary's Boy Scout friends calls in and harasses Tony; surprising info about Rob's grandfather; and Tony reveals his true thoughts about the Trump administration!  

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On this rollicking episode, the guys pick a lucky listener as the winner in the "Name the New Viagra Generic Drug" social media challenge, and YOUR suggestions are fabulous! Plus, some surprising facts about toilet paper, an update on the mega-hit song "Despacito", and NEW music from Cheap Trick!

ALSO:  The guys are joined by Fox Sports Radio host Kelsey Nicole Nelson, who updates us on recent sports controversies involving Michael Vick, Colin Kaepernick, and Redskins' quarterback Kirk Cousins. AND....Tony pays tribute to Washington, D.C. television legend Jim Vance, who passed away over the weekend. This show is not to be missed.

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Tony attempts to regale the guys with stories of his trip to Alaska, but they aren't really that impressed. Plus, an "official" from Alaska calls in to complain about Tony's behavior in the 49th state.

Also: Viagra goes generic; the winner of the "Name Gary's Pimple" contest; music from "Portugal. The Man"; and a funny, good old-fashioned "show-bizzy" appearance from The Mike O'Meara Show's ROBB SPEWAK!

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In this show, Gary and Tony endure the conclusion of Rob Ford's very long "Great Gatsby" story! WILL Rob's relationship survive the Great Gatsby Party? WILL Gary stay awake through the story?  Listen to find out!

Also: Gary tests Tony's "weather" memory, with help from a surprise guest: Fox 5 meteorologist (and all-around great person) Sue Palka!  And, Tony dissects the number one hit song "Despacito" (it's pretty dirty!). Plus: crazy malapropisms! It's ANOTHER chock full show!

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FINALLY, after putting it off for weeks, Tony and Gary "allow" Rob Ford to tell his story about attending a dress-up "Great Gatsby" theme party....and boy is it a doozy! 

Plus: The guys debate Entertainment Weekly's list of the most patriotic movies of all time; Tony's in a book; and Gary meets a bear! It's another stellar July 4th episode. Happy 4th!

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