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In this episode, Tony and Gary talk to one of their all-time favorite actors, Tony Roberts, who co-starred in many of Woody Allen's funniest and most celebrated films, including Play It Again, Sam, Annie Hall, Radio Daysand in the dramatic classic Serpico.  Roberts talks openly and fondly about his days with Woody and his storied career, which has also included stints on Broadway in such shows as Play It Again, Sam, Barefoot in the Park, How Now Dow Jones, and Sugar.
Also in this episode: Tony has an awkward moment while hosting a gala; Gary and Tony take Rob Ford to task; and classic comedy from Woody Allen!
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On this show, Gary tells an AMAZING story about how he was unexpectedly called into duty recently during an emergency, and how he reacted has Tony calling him a “hero”.  Then, Tony tells a story and shows how he himself….is….well….only heroish.

Also on this episode:  Musician, record producer, and all-around renaissance man MARK HUDSON!  Mark has written for and produced some of the greats, including Aerosmith (he co-wrote their hit “Livin’ on the Edge”), Cher, Ozzy Osbourne, and Ringo Starr!  Plus….he was one of The Hudson Brothers, stars of mid-70s TV and radio (“So You Are a Star”)!  Mark is a great guy and is very, very funny.

Plus:  Another musical selection from Rob Ford; a very nice encounter with Carol Burnett; and a segment called “Why Are People Hatin’ on Phil Collins So Much?” 

It’s ANOTHER fun-filled episode!

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This is a can’t-miss, jam-packed episode, because, sitting in with Tony and Gary is none other than ROBB SPEWAK from “The Mike O’Meara Show”!  Of course, hilarity ensues, as Gary talks about a strange problem his mother is having, and a rather odd coincidence that relates to it; Tony questions the odd emails he’s getting from GQ Magazine; Gary presents another surprising musical find; Tony explains why you won’t see him on this week’s “Good Morning America” 40th anniversary show, and Gary presents a new “Celebrity Encounter” that is right up Robb’s alley!  This one’s jam-packed!  Did we say that already?

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This special episode was recorded right after the completion of the “Two Man March”!  Tony and Gary talk about everything that happened during the march (AND before and after!), and play audio highlights from the event.  They ran into some real characters, and the resulting “documentary” is hysterical!

Plus:  Tony’s busy few weeks; the “World Series on FOX”; and two of your favorite celebrities, Yogi Bear and Don Wrinkles! Yeah!

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