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In this special holiday episode of the show, Tony and Gary revisit some of their FAVORITE and FUNNIEST moments from 2015.  All-new material leads into great clips from an all-star panel, including former "Saturday Night Live" star Joe Piscopo, comedians Chris Paul, Rob Bartlett, and Godfrey, former "Partridge Family" star Danny Bonaduce, and the great Mike O'Meara as "Donald Trump"!  EVERYONE is literally laugh-out-loud funny, and Bonaduce and Piscopo are hilariously and surprisingly candid about the ups and downs of their careers and lives. 
THIS episode is even more chock full than most!  (Also, it makes a GREAT introduction to the show for your family and friends! Since you're hanging out with them for the holidays, you might as well get them hooked on the show!)
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Welcome to the 2015 Christmas episode of "The Tony Perkins Show Featuring Gary Stein"!  Our SPECIAL GUEST for this episode is the one, the only....SANTA CLAUS!!! Yes, Santa takes time out of his busy schedule to talk about the true meaning of Christmas. Now, we have to warn you: Tony and Gary seem to have gotten Santa at a fairly bad time, after Santa seemingly had a rough night.  So he's not exactly in a JOLLY mood. But we're airing the interview anyway. JUST MAKE SURE NO CHILDREN HEAR IT!!!
Also:  Tony, Gary and Rob exchange gifts; Gary talks about the time he met "Godfather of Soul" James Brown; and the guys play a game of "Jeopardy", but "Alex Trebek" is in just about the worst mood ever!  
What's WRONG with these people?! Merry Christmas!
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This special edition of #TPGS features an interview with the founder of Motown Records, Berry Gordy, Jr.!  It is impossible to overstate the profound impact Gordy and Motown Records had on popular culture.  Without Gordy there would be no Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, no Diana Ross and the Supremes, no Temptations, no Four Tops, no Stevie Wonder.  On the occasion of the opening of the hit Broadway musical MOTOWN: The Musical in Washington, D.C., Gordy sits down, along with the show’s director, Charles Randolph Wright, to talk about what it all means.

PLUS, Gary resurrects one of the most popular segments he and Tony used to do on Good Morning America, introducing to you, just in time for Christmas, some of the DUMBEST gift ideas imaginable!  They are hysterical!  (And, Tony has another gift idea that he thinks you’ll really like!)

The interview with Berry Gordy, Jr. and Charles Randolph Wright appears courtesy of Fox 5 in Washington, D.C.


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We can honestly say THIS may be the most uproarious episode of our show yet!!!  For one thing, there is DRINKING involved!  Tony's good friend and former college roommate, Rob Garretson, is the author of the wine blog He plays a wine-tasting game with the guys--who ARE NOT DRINKERS--to see how developed their palettes are.  Needless to say, the more they drink, the wilder (and sillier) this show gets!
But that's not all!  Rob Ford's mother, Anita, joins us LIVE IN STUDIO for this show! Tony and Gary try to get to the root of why Rob is...well...Rob.  And that gets pretty funny, too.  (Plus, Anita joins in on the wine game!)
Also: a gift from Gary to Tony, and another Rob Ford music pick.  This episode is SPECTACULAR!  (Oh...and be sure to listen to the end for maximum "Robness".)
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