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On this week's insane show, Tony and Gary discover that blind people can now enjoy pornographic films, because some of them now come with "descriptive audio narration"!  Sensing a new way to make money, the guys decide to audition for a job as narrators. The results will have you breathing heavy with laughter!

Plus: The Origin of Popular Cliches; Our Biggest Fears; A Tax for Robots; and Caroline's, here we come! This episode is rated a HARD "R"!

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Our 2017 Oscars' spectacular finds Tony and Gary reviewing the year's big movies and making their Oscar picks....and let's just say one of the two doesn't find a whole lot to celebrate in this year's movies!

Also:  Crazy sports myths; more Deep Cuts (from Tony and Gary); and more "sex talk" from Conyers, Georgia. This one's a real toe-tapper!

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This year's Valentine's Day show features Gary giving Tony a listener-provided "Sound of Music" quiz (oh, the cruelty!); Tony's first installment of a new feature, called "Deep Cuts"; the first installment of a new feature from Gary called "Tragic Auditions (of a Failed Acting Career)"; and Rob Ford's remarkably unromantic Valentine's Day plans.  

Plus: A crazy story about "black-ish" star Anthony Anderson.  It's another chock-full show!

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On this episode Tony and Gary are joined by Fox 5 sportscaster Brody Logan, who has an amazing story about actually appearing as a contestant on "The Price is Right" with Bob Barker! AND....we've got the audio AND the video to prove it! It's great!

Plus: Our Super Bowl 51 "review"; we play the "Celebrity Net Worth Game"; and a form of P-T-S-D that we bet you've never heard of!

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