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In this great, music-heavy Halloween episode, Gary explains how the Grammy nominating process works, and presents a wide variety of music by several largely unknown artists, all of whom are trying to get their music nominated for a Grammy Award!  Among those featured: blues man Benny Turner, saxophonist Katja Reickermann, and R&B sensation Melissa Bailey. ALSO: At the request of frequent listener Bob Fay, we present the FIRST of Rob Ford's music picks!
Plus, Tony with news about a HUGE and exciting new Beatles release, and the final preps for "The Two Man March"!
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Last week we featured new music from Darlene Love, one of the all-time great rock-and-roll singers.  THIS WEEK we feature Love herself!  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee talks about her fantastic new album, “Introducing Darlene Love”, and what it was like working with album producer Steve Van Zandt from The ‘E’ Street Band.  She also talks about her whole career, from her time working with Phil Spector, to her role in the “Lethal Weapon” movies, to her friendships with David Letterman and Paul Shaffer.  It is a wonderful and upbeat chat with a truly special lady!

PLUS:  Gary borrows Tony’s car; Tony has to apologize to some listeners; and “Mike Stone’s Antiquated Expressions”! This episode rocks!

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In this week's rollicking episode: Gary battles with his local cable company, and it actually doesn't turn out like you'd expect!  Plus: FANTASTIC new music from singer Darlene Love; Tony thinks he offended his son's friend; Is Rob losing weight?; and, Gary tells us about his role in the 1981 Sylvester Stallone movie "Nighthawks"!  This show is all over the place!

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For the first time ever on the show, Tony and Gary present a live, in-studio musical performance!  (Not including Tony's best efforts on the harmonica.)  Guitar virtuoso Ben Stein stops by to play a few licks, and make his Dad proud.  (That's right....Ben is Gary's 20-year-old son!  And boy does he play good!)
Also:  A NEW edition of the "Real or Fake Movie Game"; Gary takes Ben for an uplifting visit to the National Holocaust Museum; the date for the "Two Man March" is announced; and Tony "bumps into" Al Roker!
This episode will be music to your ears!
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No, not the MUSICIAN “Dr. John” (Mac Rebennack).  A different  “Dr. John”.  We’ll let Gary tell you who it is.  All we’ll say here is that GARY HAS COMPLETELY SOLD US OUT FOR HIS OWN PURPOSES!

Also:  The amazing DRX9000 (pictured here); bad product names; bad Beatles songs (!); and, the guys select music upcoming “Two Man March”.  And just a heads up: this episode is rated “R”, for language!

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