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On this week's show, the guys welcome one of Washington D.C.'s....and the country' known disc jockeys and music hosts, Cerphe Colwell, otherwise known as just "Cerphe"!  Cerphe's 35-year career is the the stuff that legends are made of: he started with a long stint at the groundbreaking WHFS-FM, and later spent time at WAVA-FM, DC101, WJFK-FM, and Classic Rock 94.7.  He has met, interviewed, and spent time with EVERYONE, including George Harrison, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Robert Plant, Bonnie Raitt, B.B. King, Stevie Nicks, and many, many others.  On this show he tells some great stories, talks about his great current gig at, and announces his forthcoming, first-ever book!
Also:  Gary runs into an old flame; the whole gang (including Cerphe) play the game "Tangled Up in Bob"; and Tony has a HUGE surprising announcement about the upcoming LIVE show at the DC Improv! Rock on, Dudes!
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In yet another eye-opening episode, Gary reveals yet another previously unknown side of himself, in a segment we're calling "Walker, Chatham Ranger". We almost called the segment "Raging Stein". That's all we're telling you about it here, except to say that Gary may need professional help!
Also: Just what IS "Breaking News"?; another GREAT, listener-assisted "What Were They Thinking?"; a brand-new game called "Know Your Lyrics!"; a celebrity encounter with "Modern Family" TV star Ed O'Neill; and more info on our upcoming LIVE show at The DC Improv! Get to listening right now!
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As the political season rages on, Tony and Gary get amazing insight from one of the country’s leading (?) political consultants and pollsters, Phil Kluntz.  After hearing Phil, you’ll have a better understanding about just why this election cycle has been so bizarre!

Plus:  Gary and Tony’s “Dinner at Outback”; a new game show, “War, or Not?”; the results of our “Farting and Dating” polls; and the winner of our Oscar picks challenge!

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Unfortunately, due to a death in Gary's family, we are unable to bring you a brand new show this week.  Instead, we present an encore presentation of our 27th episode, which featured a fun interview with stage and screen star Tony Danza!  Danza talks about his time on TV's "Taxi" and "Who's the Boss", and his starring role in the Broadway show "Honeymoon in Vegas".  Plus, Gary tells a great story about Johnny Cash, and Tony has a bone to pick with the ubiquitous actor/host/athlete Terry Crews.
We hope all of you--especially those of you who've only recently begun listening to the show--will enjoy this "flashback" to January of 2015.
A BRAND NEW episode be out next week....we promise!  As always, THANK YOU for listening!
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