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This week’s episode goes off the rails quite quickly, thanks to a revelation by Rob Ford that Tony and Gary can’t quite get over.  It is unexpected, insane, and very, very funny!

Also:  Gary has difficulty peeing (and NOT for the reasons you’re thinking!); the “Best of TV Today”; Tony’s GREAT radio idea; and Gary and Tony go to a listener’s house party!  This episode is a gas!!!

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Gary Stein is back live in-studio, and the result is a fast-paced, CRAZY episode of the show.  First, even though they haven't seen all the movies, the guys make their Oscar picks. (Actually, Gary HAS seen all the movies, but it DOESN'T seem to help him with his picks!)  Also, they review the new "swimsuit edition" of Sports Illustrated magazine--hubba hubba!
Plus:  Rob Ford "cheats death"; Gary's wife Sarah has a bizarre experience while teaching a voice lesson; Tony and Gary grade Rob's announcing abilities; and another listener-suggested "What Were They thinking" that you WILL NOT BELIEVE!!!
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Don't miss this special announcement from "The Tony Perkins Show Featuring Gary Stein"!

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Yay! It’s our 2016 Valentine’s Day Special! And joining us to answer all your questions about love, dating, sex, relationships, and more sex, is the beautiful ANGELA STRIBLING, host of WHUR-FM’s “Pillow Talk with Angela Stribling”! This is Angela’s THIRD time on the show, and it’s easily the wildest and best session the guys have had with her so far. Angela answers questions from our listeners, while also putting up with Tony, Gary, and Rob’s continuing immaturity. PLUS, Angela is a talented singer, and we preview her brand new single, “Pillow Talk”!

Also: Tony’s crazy Conspiracy Theories; a Word Game from a listener; Valentine’s Day Trivia, and introducing fascinating singer Paloma Faith. This episode is chock full of…..oh…..we said that already!

NOTE: You can hear Angela’s radio show on WHUR-FM in Washington D.C., and on Sirius/XM Channel 141. Her single “Pillow Talk” is available at Follow her on Twitter @angelastribling.

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This episode is all over the place, as Tony goes on several rants, much to the delight of Gary and Rob.  Plus, Gary presents “What’s in a Word?”; Tony highlights a “What Were They Thinking?” from one of our listeners; and Gary shows off his knowledge about the Super Bowl. 

Also, yet another tribute to a great star that we just lost: Maurice White, founder of Earth, Wind and Fire.

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In this ALL NEW episode, the guys pay tribute to the big-time stars we've lost already in 2016, including Natalie Cole, Glenn Frey (co-founder of The Eagles), David Bowie, and yes, Dan Haggerty, of "Grizzly Adams" fame.  
Also: A preview of Super Bowl 50 with sportscaster Scott Smith; a phoner with one of our listeners; and Tony and Gary help Rob with a tricky romantic situation! It's another CHOCK FULL show!
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