The Tony Perkins Show (general)

What's with "Cosmo" magazine?; "Sopranos" and "Nicky Deuce" star Steve Schirripa; pasta sauce taste test; the "Tonight Show" - Johnny versus Jimmy.

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With former Washington Redskin Jeff Bostic; Tony goes to the stadium; Gary's "Word Game"; Rob Ford KILLS it!

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Oscar Santana hates us; a visit to the urologist; big-time celebrity guest Dirk Benedict, of "Battlestar Galactica" and "The A-Team"!
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Tony and Gary look back; Gary goes on vacation; radio days; guest Dave Ross, of "120Sports".

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Introducing Tony and Gary; a view on 'The View'; a Beatles mystery; and guest Joe Johnson, of national radio show "Beatle Brunch".
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