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On this episode, Tony and Gary make a HUGE announcement about ANOTHER upcoming live show.  Just wait until you hear it (AND hear who their special guest is going to be)!

Also, good friend and "Hey Frase!" podcast host Sarah Fraser joins the gang again, and hilarity ensues, as they all record a brand new pilot for a TV show LIVE during the podcast!  Sarah updates the guys on her situation with her now former co-host, Samy K, and talks about the rather odd do-it-yourself beauty products that she makes at home.  Plus:  Tony recaps covering the presidential inauguration.

This is a particularly exciting, funny, and even thoughtful (!) episode!

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Last weekend was the 2017 Presidential Inauguration so this week, we decided to play you TPGS's inaugural show from August of 2014. This was back when Tony was just a newsman, Gary had never done a podcast before, Rob was an overly-dressed intern in the background, and The Mike O'Meara Show's Oscar Santana was the board engineer! 

Description from August 2014: "Introducing Tony and Gary; a view on ‘The View’; a Beatles mystery; and guest Joe Johnson, of national radio show “Beatle Brunch”."

This show is full of laughs and we think listeners new and old will enjoy it tremendously!  

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It's another jam-packed show, as the guys welcome "Prognosticator Extraordinaire" Gene Nixon, who makes bold (and rather wild) predictions for 2017. Plus: Tony and Gary take Rob to task; Gary brings some fascinating new music (!); and "Not Ready for Podcast Player" Sam Ingraffia joins in for the NEW "Disease Game".

Also:  A big, exciting announcement from the guys that you won't want to miss! Enjoy!

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In this rollicking episode, the gang ponders the very real issue of why someone would gift a deaf child with a deaf dog (yes, this really happened, and yes, it raises many questions). Also, Tony goes on a rant about the upcoming closing of dozens of Macy's department stores (these issues really are important to us)!

Plus: More of the "Band Name Origins" game; new music we think you'll really like; and, Gary introduces a SURPRISE guest, MUCH to the chagrin of Rob Ford. We're all over the place in this one!

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After a pretty tough 2016, the guys thought it would be great to start 2017 with as much laughter as possible. So they've invited back show regular Jackie Martling, who DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!!! Tony and Gary select topics for Jackie to riff on, and he is, as always, hysterically and definitely inappropriately funny!

Also: Perhaps the worst and the oddest Christmas songs ever; a new game, "Guess the Origin of the Rock Band Name"; and new music from Bruno Mars and The Rolling Stones. As always, this one's JAM PACKED! Happy New Year!

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